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Why, how, and with what consequences do global governance institutions gain, sustain and lose legitimacy? These issues are at the heart of LegGov – a six-year research program in Stockholm, Lund, and Gothenburg.

Lisa Dellmuth

BLOG: Citizen confidence in global environmental institutions

Survey experiments in four countries in the global north and the global south suggest that the qualities of global institutions matter for citizens’ confidence in these institutions.

Elite Survey picture

LegGov Elite Survey

Over the past two years, the Legitimacy in Global Governance (LegGov) research program has interviewed 860 people in leading positions in political and societal organizations all over the world.

Picture of the cover of the book Legitimacy in Globla Governance.

New book: Legitimacy in Global Governance

Legitimacy is central for the capacity of global governance institutions to address problems such as climate change, trade protectionism, and human rights abuses. However, despite legitimacy's importance for global governance, its workings remain poorly understood.


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