Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore is professor in Political Studies, Queen’s University, Canada. She is a leading international authority in normative political philosophy with a focus on contemporary global challenges related to nationalism, indigenous peoples and territorial rights and the conflicts surrounding them.

Moore’s recent work on the “politics of territory” is concerned with justice and resources and boundary-drawing in constitutional design. In general terms, these two themes entail analysis of the relationship between political institutions and territorial resources in order to understand how they are creating tensions about equality and justice in political life. At the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University Moore will further penetrate the topic of territory and focus more specifically on what territorial rights are and how they are to be distributed, especially when there are competing claims for territory.

As a Olof Palme professor at the Department of Political Science, Moore will inter alia be affiliated to InRights, one of the Departments “leading research areas”. InRights focuses on political inclusion and rights for migrants, minorities and indigenous peoples in contemporary democracies. Moore will actively contribute to the group by participating actively in seminars and offering comments on individual research projects as well as by further developing its international network.

The Olof Palme Visiting Professorship is financed by The Swedish Research Council and aims to give universities the opportunity to develop a research area by recruiting an internationally prominent professor during a limited period.

The lecture is co-organized by the Swedish Research Council and the Department of Political Science. ​