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Research interests

Martin Qvist’s research is in the field of public administration and his main research interests include governance of local service implementation, inter-organizational relations, collaborative governance and institutional theory. His research covers several policy areas including refugee and integration policy, employment policy and transport infrastructure planning. He has also been responsible for several evaluation projects on implementation of integration programmes for newly arrived refugees.

Current research projects

Qvist currently works in two research projects. Trafikverket modern myndighet is about the Swedish Transport Administration’s (Trafikverket) strive at becoming ‘a modern agency’ (collaboration between Stockholm University and Södertörn University) and Qvist’s sub-project focuses on the role of this agency in collaborative processes of transport infrastructure planning. The second one is called Organizing for auditing – an essential element in governance and is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. This is a joint project between Södertörn University, Stockholm University and University of Gothenburg and is led by Göran Sundström (SU), Bengt Jacobsson (SH) and Jon Pierre (GU). The overall aim is to develop an understanding of how auditing has been organized in the Swedish state and the consequences of this institutional development on democracy and governance. The project covers several policy areas and Qvist is responsible for the sub-project on transport infrastructure.

Recent Publications

PhD Dissertation

Qvist, M. (2012) Styrning av lokala integrationsprogram: Institutioner, nätverk och professionella normer inom det svenska flyktingmottagandet [Governing Local Integration Programmes: Institutions, Networks and Professional Norms in Swedish Refugee Reception]. Linköping Studies in Arts and Science. Full text

Peer-reviewed articles

Qvist, M. (2017) Meta-Governance and Network Formation in Collaborative Spaces of Uncertainty: The Case of Swedish Refugee Integration Policy, Public Administration, Early View. DOI: 10.1111/padm.12310.

Qvist, M. (2016) Activation reform and inter-agency cooperation: Local consequences of mixed modes of governance in Sweden. Social Policy & Administration, Vol. 50 (1), pp. 19-38. DOI: 10.1111/spol.12124

Other publications

Qvist, M. (2017) Flyktingmottagandet före etableringsreformen – styrkor och svagheter i det kommunala mottagandet, i Asplund, A., Tovatt, C, & Thalberg, S. (red.) Vägen till arbete : Utrikesföddas möte med den svenska arbetsmarknaden. Stockholm: Delmi.

Qvist, M., Suter, B. & Ahlstedt, S. (2015) Migration – sovereignty, borders and control. In Dahlstedt, M & Neergaard, A. (eds) International migration and ethnic relations: Critical perspectives. London: Routledge.

Qvist, M. & Tovatt, C. (2014) Från förväntningar till utfall – etableringsreformen på lokal nivå. Slutrapport för utvärdering av myndigheternas genomförande av etableringsreformen i Södermanlands län. Länsstyrelsen Södermanlands län, Rapport 2014:19.

Bivald, K., Hertz, T., Qvist, M. & Soininen, M. (2014) Challenges for diversity: Migrant participation in political parties in Sweden.  Diversity in political parties programmes, organization and representation (DivPol). Country report.

Qvist, M. (2013) Hur kan samverkan utvecklas för effektivare integrationsinsatser? Länsstyrelsen Södermanlands län.

Qvist, M., Suter, B. & Ahlstedt, S. (2013) Migration: suveränitet, gränser och kontroll. In Dahlstedt, M. & Neergaard, A. (eds.) Migrationens och etnicitetens epok: Kritiska perspektiv i migrations och etnicitetsstudier. Malmö: Liber.