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Research interests

International organizations, international security, multilateral negotiations, civil war, conflict resolution.

Current project

Performance of International Organizations.


(2014) Ph.D. Political Science, Stockholm University. Dissertation: ”International Organizations as Peacemakers: The Evolution and Effectiveness of Intergovernmental Instruments to End Civil War” 

(2007-2010) Policy Advisor, United Nations, Office of the Resident Coordinator, Dhaka, Bangladesh

(2007) Master in Public Policy, Harvard University, Kennedy School. Thesis: ”Climate Change and European Security” [with Kai Monheim]

(2004) Master of Arts, Uppsala University 

(2003) Bachelor of Arts, Uppsala University

Additional qualifications

(2013) University of Wisconsin at Madison, Visiting Ph.D. student (April-May)

(2012) Stanford University, Visiting Ph.D. student (March-June)

(2010-2014) PRIO, Oslo, Participant in Research School on Peace and Conflict

(2004-2005) Assistant Project Manager, United Nations Association of Sweden, Stockholm

(2004) Assistant Attaché, Swedish Mission to the United Nations, New York


Peer-reviewed publications

(Forthcoming) ‘Backdoor peacekeeping: Does participation in UN peacekeeping reduce coups at home?’ Journal of Peace Research

(Forthcoming) ‘Stability and change in international policy-making: A punctuated equilibrium approach.’ Review of International Organizations, [with Theresa Squatrito and Jonas Tallberg]

(2016) ”Which International Organizations can Settle Civil Wars?” Review of International Organizations (online first; doi:10.1007/s11558-016-9253-0)

(2016) ”Mediation in Syria: Initiatives, strategies, and obstacles, 2011-2016”, Contemporary Security Policy, 37(2), 273-288

(2016) ”The Performance of International Organizations: A Policy Output Approach”. Journal of European Public Policy. [with Jonas Tallberg, Thomas Sommerer, and Theresa Squatrito]

(2016) ’Conflict management capabilities of peace-brokering international organizations, 1945-2010: A new dataset’, Conflict Management and Peace Science, 33(2), 198-223

(2014) ’Leanings and dealings: Exploring bias and trade leverage in civil war mediation by international organizations’, International Negotiation, 19(2), 315-342 [with Isak Svensson]

(2014) ’Mediation and peace agreements’, in SIPRI Yearbook 2014: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security (pp. 43-55). Oxford University Press [with Isak Svensson]


Other publications

(2016) ”Arab Spring: Negotiating in the Shadow of the Intifadat”. St. Antony’s International Review, Oxford University (book review)

(2015) ”Patterns of peacemaking: When do we see mediation, and what are the impacts?” PRIO Conflict Trends 2015:1. [with Isak Svensson]

(2015) ”Peacemaking in Syria: Barriers and Opportunities”, UI Brief, 2015:1

(2013) "What is wrong with the UN and what can be done about it?", Forum for Development Studies 2013:4 (book review).

(2013) "International Mediation", Forum for Development Studies 2013:1. (book review)

(2011) "Framtidens FN", Internationella Studier, 2011:1.

(2010) "Varför kollapsar stater?", Internationella Studier, 2010:1. (book review)

(2009) "Four Recent Books on Bangladesh", Seminar, 2009:11. (book review)

(2008) "Världsmedborgare i stormens öga", Internationella Studier, 2008:2.

(2007) "Västvärldens välvilja och biståndets förbannelse", Internationella Studier, 2007:4. (book review)

(2007) "Kofi Annan - general eller sekreterare?", Internationella Studier, 2007:1.

(2006) "FN i medelåldern", Internationella Studier, 2006:1.

(2006) "Kärnvapenterrorism" Världspolitikens dagsfrågor. 2006:12. Stockholm: Utrikespolitiska institutet.

(2005) (ed.) UN and Global Security. Stockholm: UNA of Sweden. (96 pages, ISBN 91-7294-078-6).


Datafile and codebook for the International Organization Conflict Management (IOCM) dataset.
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