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Recent publications by Lars Lindström

Författare Titel År
Lars Lindström, Maricela de la Torre-Castro
Tuna or Tasi? Fishing for Policy Coherence in Zanzibar’s Small-Scale Fisheries Sector 2017
Lars Lindström, Maricela de la Torre-Castro
Promoting Governability in Small-Scale Fisheries in Zanzibar, Tanzania : From Self-Governance to Co-governance 2015
Tiia Ngandu, Jenni Lehtisalo, Alina Solomon,
et al.
A 2 year multidomain intervention of diet, exercise, cognitive training, and vascular risk monitoring versus control to prevent cognitive decline in at-risk elderly people (FINGER) : a randomised controlled trial 2015
Madeleine Gustavsson, Lars Lindström, Narriman S. Jiddawi,
et al.
Procedural and distributive justice in a community-based managed Marine Park Area in Zanzibar, Tanzania 2014
Sara Fröcklin, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström,
et al.
Fish Traders as Key Actors in Fisheries : Gender and Adaptive Management 2013
Miia Kivipelto, Alina Solomon, Satu Ahtiluoto,
et al.
The Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) : Study design and progress 2013
Thomas J. Lyimo, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Yohanna W. Shaghude,
et al.
Synthesis: Towards an integrative research approach on coastal ecosystems – The example of Chwaka Bay 2012
Lars Lindström
Assessing and teaching for creativity 2013
Lars Lindström
Aesthetic Learning About, In, With and Through the Arts : A Curriculum Study 2012
Sara Fröcklin, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström,
et al.
Seaweed mariculture as a development project in Zanzibar, East Africa : A price too high to pay? 2012
Narriman Jiddawi S., Lars Lindström
Physical Characteristics, Socio-economic Setting and Coastal Livelihoods in Chwaka Bay 2012
Lars Lindström
Governing sustainability : Chwaka Bay in Zanzibar's national integrated coastal management strategies 2012
Lars Lindström
The multiple faces of visual arts education 2013

Pedagogisk bedömning : att dokumentera, bedöma och utveckla kunskap 2011
Henrik Angerbrandt, Lars Lindström, Maricela de la Torre-Castro
What is this thing called 'community' good for? 2011
Lars Lindström
Pedagogisk bedömning 2013
Lars Lindström
Unga serietecknare [Young comic artists] 2013
Lars Lindström
Sokrates och samtalskonsten 2013
Lars Lindström
The Multiple Faces of Visual Arts Education 2012
Lars Lindström
Free spirit or copycat? : Artistic development and comic imagery 2013
Maricela De la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström
Fishing institutions : Addressing regulative, normative and cultural-cognitive elements to enhance fisheries management 2010

Globalization, imperalism and resistance. 2009

Globalization, imperialism and resistance 2007
Björn Beckman, Lars Lindström, Anders Sjögren,
et al.
Globalization, imperialism and resistance : an introduction 2007
Lars Lindström
The ecological dominance of capitalism : Maclovio Rojas and the politics of resistance 2007

Technology education in new perspectives : research, assessment and curriculum development : festschrift for Witold Rogala 2014
Lars Lindström
Post-Fordism and Restructuring State-Trade Union Relations in East and Sout East Asia 2007

The cultural context : comparative studies of art education and children's drawings 2014

Nordic visual arts research : a theoretical and methodological review 2014
Lars Lindström
Accumulation, Regulation, and Political Struggles  : Manufacturing Workers in South Korea 2011
Lars Lindström
The South Korean labour movement and democratization 2009
Lars Lindström
Organized labour in democratization : the South Korea case 2009
Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström
Fishing for institutions : the institutionalization of the social-ecological web in Chwaka Bay, Zanzibar 2006

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