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The structure of the levels

Each level comprises 30 credits, which corresponds to one semester of full-time studies. If you choose political science as the main subject in a Degree of Bachelor, you normally take 90 credits of political science and then add other subjects up to 180 credits.

The aim of the levels

The aim of Political Science I is to present an overview of the political science discipline. At Political Science II and III you may choose a sub-discipline, either in your choice of special course or in your choice of essay work. Your choice in this respect may reflect either a concentration on some central themes in political science or a broadening of your perspective within the political science discipline. There is an emphasis on teaching how to conduct inde­pendent analysis of political phenomena.

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International bachelor's programme in business administration and political science

This is a three-year programme for students interested in pursuing an international career in management. The programme combines the study of business administration with that of political science. You will gain knowledge of accounting, marketing, management and finance, as well as of the main political systems and theories in political science. The objective of the programme is to prepare you for work in international business and organisations in the public sector, or in non-governmental organisations. Application deadline: April 15.

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