Wednesday January 15

Workshop - research applications (register to Ulrika Mörth no later than January 5)

Thursday February 6

Anna Lührmann, University of Gothenburg
Defending Democracy against Illiberal Challengers

Tuesday February 18

Jean Grugel, University of York

Wednesday February 19, Nordenskiöldssalen  

PhD defence, Johanna von Bahr

Wednesday March 4

Thesis Manuscript Seminar, Markus Furendal
Discussants: Lars Linblom (University of Linköpings) and Viktor Elm

Thursday March 5

Research application workshop (Note, moved from March 18th). Sign up by sending the application you wish to discuss to Ludvig Beckman Monday March 2nd at the latest.

Tuesday March 10, auditorium 9

PhD defence, Christina Alnevall

Friday March 13, auditorium F11

PhD defence Hedvig Ördén

Wednesday March 11

Jens Ljungren, Department of History, Stockholm University
Vrede, stolthet, oro –socialdemokratisk känslopolitik ca. 1880-1890

Thursday March 19

Midterm seminar, Carolina Janson

Wednesday March 25

Thesis Manuscript Seminar, Magnus Christiansson

CANCELLED - Wednesday April 1

Jan Zielonka, Oxford University
Counter-Revolution -Liberal Europe in Retreat

CANCELLED - Wednesday April 15

Presentation of new books.

Friday April 24, 10-12, online using Zoom

PhD defence, Magna Robertsson

CANCELLED -Thursday May 7

Tanja Börzel, Freie Universität Berlin

Tuesday May 12, 11-13

Dissertation plan
Lukas Hegele and Camilla Wangmar will discuss their disseration plans.

Wednesday May 27

Midterm seminar, Ognjen Zugic
Discussants: Jonas Tallberg and Cornelia Leander

Thursday June 11

Midterm seminar, Carl Vikberg.
Titel: Non-State Actor Participation and Influence in International Organizations
Discussants: Magnus Lundgren och Sara Moritz.

Research Retreat June 16-17

Thursday September 17 

PhD defence Karim Zakhour


 * The seminar will be held in English