Wednesday January 17*

Workshop on research applications

Wednesday January 24*

Midterm seminar, Karim Zakhour
While We Wait: Everyday State and Citizenship among Young Men in Interior Tunisia ​

Wednesday January 31

Midterm seminar, Ragnhild Nilsson
”Inga svenskar äga närvara vid mötet”. Om samisk självkonstituering, självbestämmande och representation.

Tuesday March 13, 13.00-15.00*

Workshop on research applications

Friday March 16*

Rod Rhodes, University of Southampton
Ethnography and the study of the political executive

Tuesday March 27, 13.00-15.00*

Kent Eaton, University of California, Santa Cruz
*Territory and Ideology in Latin America: Policy Conflicts between National and Subnational Governments

Wednesday April 18*

Mats Lindberg, Örebro universitet
*The VDP-triad in ideational analysis. A proposed general theory of ideological content; beyond the concepts of ‘ideology’, ‘culture’, ‘belief-system’, ‘discourse’ and ‘policy’.

Wednesday April 25*

Elin Naurin, Univeristy of Gothenburg
Do parties fulfill their election promises? Recent insight from election pledge research.

Monday-tuesday, May 21-22

Research days

Wednesday May 23*

Steven Levitsky, Harvard University
The Durability of Revolutionary Regimes

Wednesday May 30*

Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute/University of Vienne
Democratic inclusion


 * The seminar will be held in English