Bild på Michele Micheletti. Foto: Niklas Björling.
Michele Micheletti, Professor in Political Science, is one of the editors of the new handbook.

Globalized trade opens up numerous opportunities for corporations to produce and market goods in ways inconceivable in the past. Today there are more affordable goods for sale and more different kinds of goods on the marketplace than imaginable in the past. Consumer society has become an integral part of most citizens’ lives globally. Consumption now plays a crucial role in constructing personal identities. While these developments have created economic growth and offered consumers more opportunities to enjoy various freedoms, they have also come at great societal costs. Clearly it is no longer possible to avoid thinking about how production and consumption affect broader societal affairs at home and abroad.

The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism addresses the study of political consumerism. It discusses how production and consumption affect broader societal affairs at home and abroad, and how the phenomenon of political consumerism has developed in different directions—geographically, conceptually, and methodologically—and in multiple sectors, at multiple levels, and involving multiple disciplines. Its varieties create challenges for scholars to make sense of the phenomenon. Critical questions arise about its appropriate conceptual framing and methodologies.

The book is being presented on November 29 at the University of Trento. Learn more about the book.