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Nora Stappert

BLOG: The Legitimacy of International Courts: Recent Challenges and Responses

June, 2017 - Several international courts have faced significant challenges to their legitimacy in recent years. Leaving the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), for example, has been a key objective for British Prime Minister Theresa May in her pre-election Brexit negotiation strategy.

Bart Bes

BLOG: The European Commission in the Post-Maastricht era

May, 2017 - The Post-Maastricht era has witnessed ‘the politicization of the EU’. EU policy-making has become more visible and widely contested amongst a growing number of actors. How do Commission officials respond to, and deal with, a more aware and critical environment?

Jan Scholte.

BLOG: Internet Governance: A New Global Legitimacy?

March, 2017 - The USA no longer rules the Internet. The global digital communications network now belongs to humanity as a whole. Global public interest has triumphed over US dominance. At last global Internet governance can claim legitimacy … or is this headline too simplistic?

Fredrik Söderbaum

BLOG: Rethinking the impact of civil society on the legitimacy of RIOs

February, 2017 - This blog article questions the prevalent belief in both policy and research that participation by civil society organizations (CSOs) increases legitimacy and accountability of global and regional governance institutions.

Protest Agenda and Related Events, Berlin 24-25 September 1988.

BLOG: International Governmental Organizations on Trial

January, 2017 - Unearthing the archive of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunals.

Picture of an anti-ASEAN demonstration in connection to the 2011 ASEAN summit in Bali, Indonesia.

BLOG: Why protests are not necessarily bad for the legitimacy of international organizations

December, 2016 - The legitimacy of international organizations (IOs) is sometimes challenged by activists demonstrating outside summit venues and IO headquarters. Such protests can be seen as attempts to delegitimize the IO, demonstrating the belief that the IO’s authority is not rightfully exercised. But can we be certain that protests always have a delegitimizing impact on IOs?

Lisa Maria Dellmuth

BLOG: Assessing knowledge inequality in global governance

November, 2016 - Different people have different levels of awareness of global governance institutions (GGIs) such as the United Nations and the Group of 20. We need to better understand unequal knowledge about GGIs, as only the knowledgeable will develop informed opinions and be able to critically engage in debates about GGIs.

Picture of the two researchers Hans Agné and Thomas Sommerer.

BLOG: Global governance and the big wrong of political science

October, 2016 - Political institutions should make social life better for everyone. But how, if at all, can political institutions do that?

Magdalena Bexell and Kristina Jönsson.

BLOG: Legitimacy of the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

September, 2016 - The process towards the adoption of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is one of the most large-scale legitimation attempts made by an international organization in recent times.

Karin Bäckstrand och Fari Zelli

BLOG: Enhancing Legitimacy in Polycentric Climate Governance

August, 2016 - LegGov researchers Fariborz Zelli and Karin Bäckstrand hosted a workshop together with Philip Schleifer from University of Amsterdam.


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