Publications within the research areas:

•  Collective Action Problems in Swedish Civil Society (60 Kb)

•  Communication and Political Understanding as Political Action (10 Kb)

•  Democratic Auditing (55 Kb)

•  Multicultural democracy (51 Kb)

•  Political Consumerism (36 Kb)

•  Creative Participation (10 Kb)

•  Sustainable Citizenship (10 Kb)

•  Other publications (58 Kb)


Online publications:


Political Consumerism

"Krävande unga politiska konsumenter"

"The Market as an Arena for Transnational Politics"

Interviews about Political Consumerism

Interview in Swedish on boycotts in the Swedish Radio series Pop och politik.

"Mobilizing Consumers for Global Social Justice Responsibility-Taking" at the conference The Politics of Consumption/The Consumption of Politics , University of Madison-Wisconsin, October 2006.