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Mette Marie is a Carlsberg Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She studies the interaction of indigenous representation and parliamentary institutions in Denmark and Greenland. From the theoretical starting point of feminist institutionalism her current project research develops an indigenous institutionalism, which will facilitate the study of indigenous interest representation in national parliaments worldwide.

You can read more about Mette Marie’s current project—which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation—at the foundation’s webpage.

Along with her research on indigenous peoples’ representation, Mette Marie studies the representation of women and gender equality in Scandinavia.

Besides her empirical research, she in engaged in the theoretical debate on how to conceive of the interests of women. To keep research on representation political relevant, while avoiding transferring so-called ‘identity politics’ into research, she has recently advocated that scholars who study substantive interest representation set out to conceptualize interests as something that are not attached to any specific identity. Hence, re-inventing Hanna Pitkin’s concept of ‘unattached interests’ (Pitkin, 1967) she proposes that scholars think of interests as something that individuals may participate in, not something that is linked to their identity or something they own (Harder, 2019).

Mette Marie has taught at the Department of Political Science, Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX, US.) as well as the Department of Social Science and Business, University of Roskilde (Roskilde, Denmark). While writing her dissertation at University of Roskilde, she was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo, Norway. Before re-entering academia, she was a political consultant at the Danish Parliament, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Nurses’ Organization as well as the vice president of the Danish Women’s Organization.

Research Interests

•    Scandinavian and Arctic Politics
•    Indigenous Representation and Representation of Gender
•    The Promises and Pitfalls of Feminist Institutionalism

Peer-Reviewed Publications

In Press: Harder, Mette Marie Staehr (2019), ”Søstre i Sangen,” IN Køn: positioner, perspektiver, politikker, in Hansen, Lise Lotte (ed.), Chapter 9, Viborg: Forlaget Frydenlund.

Harder, Mette Marie Staehr (2019) “Pitkin’s Second Way: Freeing Representation Theory from Identity,” Representation, published online July 09th, 2019. 

Harder, Mette Marie Staehr (2017), “Assessing the Impact of Parliamentary Design. The Case of the Danish Committee on Gender Equality,” Scandinavian Political Studies, Volume 40, Issue 4, 434–456. 

Harder, Mette Marie Staehr (2017), “Representation of Gender Equality within the Danish Parliament,” University of Roskilde, Department of Social Science and Business, Roskilde, (Dissertation).

Holli, Anne Maria & Harder, Mette Marie Staehr (2016), “Toward a Dual Approach: Comparing the Effects of Parliamentary Committees on Gender Equality in Denmark and Finland,” Parliamentary Affairs, 16, 794–811.