Selected publications

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Selected conference papers

Victors Write History: Reflections on the Political Actorhood of Civil Society Organizations (with Filip Wijkström), European Group on Organizational Research (EGOS), Gothenburg 2011.

Who framed democracy? Civil society as wielder of the democratic wand (with Filip Wijkström) ECPR Joint Session of Workshops, Lisbon 2009.

From hostile outsiders to reluctant insiders? Eurosceptic parties and EU enlargement ECPR Joint Session of Workshops, Nicosia 2006.

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The East-West divide and the emergence of a regional civil society in the Baltic Sea area Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA), Reykjavik 2005.

'New' and 'old' Europeans and the EU constitution: the values at stake
International conference 'After EU Enlargement: Changes and Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region', Södertörn University College, Stockholm 2004.

Cross-border NGO cooperation in the Baltic Sea region
International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR), Toronto 2004.