Research profile


At the center of my research are questions about gender and legitimacy: how constructions of gender are used to legitimize policy, but also how gender power and gender inequality is politically legitimized. My work concentrates on four themes: 1) Constructions of motherhood and the politics of care; 2) Feminist security studies and the securitization of health; 3) Critical studies of gender equality policy, particularly Swedish film policy; 4) Gender and higher education.

Much of my work have centered on issues of motherhood and the wider issues of sexual and reproductive politics. I have studied constructions of motherhood and work in Swedish child care policy and how gender power is reproduced, as well as how differences between women are constructed in WHO:s breastfeeding policies. I’m also interested in how the framing of politics (re)produces inequalities, and I am currently analyzing different aspects of the securitization of HIV/aids.

My interest in critical gender equality studies stems from the critical examination of Swedish gender equality policy, undertaken in my doctoral theses. I have picked up on this line of work in my ongoing examinations of how gender equality is promoted and implemented in Swedish film policy.

Since the late 1990’s I’ve also been involved in different projects with my colleges Maria Wendt and Cecilia Åse dealing with gender and higher education. Some of these projects have been collaborations with scholars working in educational studies. In our first project we used memory work – developed by Frigga Haug – to get a deeper understanding of our own situation as women in the academy. We have also used memory work in our teaching, as a way of deepening student’s understandings of gender. Our most recent project, in collaboration with scholars from educational studies, dealt with students’ conceptualizations of gender and nation. In this project we combined feminist theory with educational theories of conceptual change.


I’ve been teaching courses in political theory, feminist political theory, Swedish politics, educational policy and methods. Currently I’m teaching a course on analytical approaches on politics on Political Science II, as well as a course in feminist theory on the master’s program. I also give lectures on feminist political theory and feminist perspectives on international relations on Political Science I.