Picture of Magnus Lundgren.

Contact information:
Department of Political Science
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

E-mail: magnus.lundgren@statsvet.su.se

Magnus Lundgren is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science. His primary research interests are international organizations, armed conflict, and multilateral negotiations.  He participates in the research projects Performance of International Organizations (PIO), funded by the Swedish Research Council, EMU Choices, funded by EU Horizon 2020, and The UN Security Council and State Actions, funded by the Swedish Research Council for 2018-2021.

Lundgren previously worked for the United Nations and is Deputy Director of the Centre for Multilateral Negotiations. He has been a visiting researcher at Stanford University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. His publications have appeared in journals such as International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research, Review of International Organization, Conflict Management and Peace Science, European Union Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, and International Negotiation.

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Peer-reviewed publications

(2020) Only as fast as its troop contributors: Incentives, capabilities, and constraints in the UN’s peacekeeping response. Journal of Peace Research. Forthcoming. [with Kseniya Oksamytna and Katharina Coleman]

(2020) Leadership selection in UN peacekeeping. International Studies Quarterly. Online first. [with Kseniya Oksamytna and Vincenzo Bove].

(2020) Why international organizations commit to liberal norms. International Studies Quarterly. [with Jonas Tallberg, Thomas Sommerer, and Theresa Squatrito]

(2020) Slow progress on UN rapid deployment: The pitfalls of policy paradigms in international organizations. International Studies Review. [with Katharina Coleman and Kseniya Oksamytna]

(2020) Mediation in Syria, 2016-2019: A Tale of Two Processes. In Fraihat & Svensson (2020) Mediation in the Arab World. Forthcoming.

(2020) Decorating the ‘christmas tree’: The UN Security Council and the Secretariat’s recommendations on peacekeeping mandates. Global Governance. Forthcoming.

(2020) The surprising decline of mediation in armed conflict. Research and Politics 7(2). [with Isak Svensson]

(2020) Causal mechanisms in civil war mediation: Evidence from Syria. European Journal of International Relations.

(2019) Shaming by International Organizations: Mapping Condemnatory Speech Acts Across 27 IOs, 1980-2015. Cooperation and Conflict [with Theresa Squatrito and Thomas Sommerer]

(2019) Bargaining success in the reform of the Eurozone (691 Kb) . European Union Politics, 20(1) [with Stefanie Bailer, Lisa Dellmuth Jonas Tallberg, and Silvana Târlea]

(2019) Explaining Governmental Preferences on Economic and Monetary Union Reform. European Union Politics, 20(1) [with Silvana Târlea, Stefanie Bailer, Hanno Degner, Lisa Dellmuth Dirk Leuffen, Jonas Tallberg, and Fabio Wasserfallen]

(2018) Backdoor peacekeeping: Does participation in UN peacekeeping reduce coups at home? Journal of Peace Research, 55(4)

(2018) Taking center stage: Decoding status hierarchies from group photos of European leaders. European Union Politics, 19(4)

(2018) Stability and change in international policy-making: A punctuated equilibrium approach. Review of International Organizations, 13(4) [with Theresa Squatrito and Jonas Tallberg]

(2018) From revolution to resolution: Exploring third-party mediation in nonviolent uprisings. Peace and Change, 43(3) [with Isak Svensson]

(2017) Which international organizations can settle civil wars? Review of International Organizations, 12(4)

(2017) The performance of international organizations: a policy out approach. Journal of European Public Policy, 23(7) [with Jonas Tallberg, Thomas Sommerer, and Theresa Squatrito]

(2016) Conflict management capabilities of peace-brokering international organizations, 1945-2010: A new dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 33(2) Data (66 Kb) and Codebook (200 Kb) .

(2016) Mediation in Syria: Initiatives, Strategies, and Obstacles, 2011-2016. Contemporary Security Policy, 37(2)

(2014) Mediation and peace agreements’, in SIPRI Yearbook 2014: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security. Oxford University Press [with Isak Svensson]

(2014) Leanings and dealings: Exploring bias and trade leverage in civil war mediation by international organizations. International Negotiation, 19(2) [with Isak Svensson]


(2014) International organizations as peacemakers: The evolution and effectiveness of intergovernmental instruments to end civil war. PhD dissertation, Stockholm University.

Other publications

(2020) Emergency powers in response to COVID-19: Policy diffusion, democracy, and preparedness. Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, Research Paper no. 78

(2020) State interests and bargaining power in the reform of the Eurozone. Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS) [with Jonas Tallberg and Lisa Dellmuth]

(2020) Peacekeeping bosses should be chosen by the UN and not the paymasters. PassBlue. [with Kseniya Oksamytna and Vicenzo Bove]

(2018) Germany did not dictate the outcome of the euro crisis negotiations. EUROPP (LSE) Blog.

(2016) Mission Impossible: The Elusive Search for Peace in Syria. Sustainable Security (Oxford Research Group)

(2016) Arab Spring: Negotiating in the shadow of the Intifadat by William Zartman (ed.), St. Antony’s International Review, Oxford University (book review)

(2015) Patterns of Peacemaking: When do we see mediation, and what are the impacts? PRIO Conflict Trends, 2015:4 [with Isak Svensson]

(2015) Peacemaking in Syria: Barriers and opportunities. UI Brief, 2015:1.

(2013) ’International mediation’, by Paul F Diehl and J Michael Greig. Forum for Development Studies, 2013:1 (book review)

(2012) ’What's wrong with the United Nations and how to fix it’, by Thomas G Weiss. Forum for Development Studies, 2012:4 (book review)

(2011) Framtidens FN. Internationella studier, 2011:1.

(2010) ’When things fell apart: State failure in late-century Africa’ by Robert H Bates. Internationella Studier, 2010:1

(2009) ’Four recent books on Bangladesh’ Seminar, New Delhi, 2009:11 (book review)

(2008) ’Chasing the flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the fight to save the world’, by Samantha Power. Internationella studier, 2008:2 (book review)

(2007) ’The white man’s burden: Why the West’s efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good’, by William Easterly. Internationella studier, 2007:4 (book review)

(2007) Kofi Annan – general eller sekreterare? Internationella studier, 2007:1.

(2006) Kärnvapenterrorism. Världspolitikens dagsfrågor, 2006:12.

(2006) FN i medelåldern. Internationella studier, 2006:1.