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My research is focused on fundamental problems in the relationship between public power and individual rights. Topics treated in my writings include the voting rights of various groups currently excluded in many countries (children, people with mental disabilities, irregular migrants, resident non-citizens and non-resident citizens); the measurement and conceptualization of democracy; the justification of human rights to democracy; the relationship between electoral turnout and political equality; conflicts between intergenerational democracy and justice; freedom of speech and self-censorship; the meaning of immigrant integration; liberalism and the idea of the ethically neutral state; national security and privacy rights; genetic testing and genetic privacy and the notion of political competence and the recruitment of Swedish ministers.

2010-2015 I was responsible for two research projects with funding from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Swedish Research Council on how access to political rights is affected by globalization and recent developments in international law. Within these projects, I have studied the importance of residency (as opposed to citizenship) as a condition for rights to political influence, the extent and reasonableness of restrictions on voting rights for people with mental disabilities, how international courts relate to the prisoners' right to vote, and other issues.

Another current research interest is how the ideal of democracy is influenced by the growing threat of climate change. Questions explored in publications in this area is what obligations to future generations require from institutions of democracy, conflicts between the human rights of future and present generations, how collective responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions are affected by the extent of democracy, the idea of intergenerational domination, and so on.


Full list of publications

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Books (edited volumes):

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