Lisa Maria Dellmuth

Bild Lisa Maria Dellmuth

Lisa Maria Dellmuth

Associate Professor of International Relations

List of recent publications

Författare Titel År
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
Why national and international legitimacy beliefs are linked : Social trust as an antecedent factor 2019
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jan Aart Scholte, Jonas Tallberg
Institutional sources of legitimacy for international organisations : Beyond procedure versus performance 2019
Silvana Târlea, Stefanie Bailer, Hanno Degner,
et al.
Explaining governmental preferences on Economic and Monetary Union Reform 2019
Magnus Lundgren, Stefanie Bailer, Lisa M. Dellmuth,
et al.
Bargaining success in the reform of the Eurozone 2019
Matilda Tove Petersson, Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Andrew Merrie,
et al.
Patterns and trends in non-state actor participation in regional fisheries management organizations 2019
Lisa Maria Dellmuth
Legitimacy has risks and benefits for effective international marine management 2019
Lisa M. Dellmuth, Elizabeth A. Bloodgood
Advocacy group effects in global governance : Populations, strategies, and political opportunity structures 2019
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Bernd Schlipphak
Legitimacy beliefs towards global governance institutions : a research agenda 2019
Lisa M. Dellmuth, Adam W. Chalmers
All spending is not equal : European Union public spending, policy feedback and citizens’ support for the EU 2017
Jonas Tallberg, Lisa M. Dellmuth, Hans Agné,
et al.
NGO Influence in International Organizations : Information, Access, and Exchange 2015
Lisa M. Dellmuth, Maria-Therese Gustafsson, Niklas Bremberg,
et al.
Intergovernmental organizations and climate security : advancing the research agenda 2017
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Dominik Schraff, Michael F. Stoffel
Distributive Politics, Electoral Institutions and European Structural and Investment Funding : Evidence from Italy and France 2016
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
Advocacy Strategies in Global Governance : Inside versus Outside Lobbying 2016
Lisa Maria Dellmuth
The knowledge gap in world politics : Assessing the sources of citizen awareness of the United Nations Security Council 2015
Kerstin Sahlin, Filip Wijkström, Lisa Maria Dellmuth,
et al.
The 'Milky Way' of intermediary organizations : A transnational field of university governance 2015
Hans Agné, Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
Does stakeholder involvement foster democratic legitimacy in international organizations? An empirical assessment of a normative theory 2014
Adam William Chalmers, Lisa Maria Dellmuth
Fiscal redistribution and public support for European integration 2015
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
The social legitimacy of international organisations : Interest representation, institutional performance, and confidence extrapolation in the United Nations 2014
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Michael F. Stoffel
Distributive politics and intergovernmental transfers : The local allocation of European Union structural funds 2012
Lisa Maria Dellmuth
European structural, agricultural and environmental spending in Germany : Challenges and problems during the allocation and implementation of EU resources 2011
Lisa Maria Dellmuth
The cash divide: the allocation of European Union regional grants 2012
Adam William Chalmers, Lisa Maria Dellmuth
Fiscal redistribution and public support for European integration 2015
Matilda Petersson, Lisa Dellmuth
How NGOs Influence the Effectiveness of International Environmental Institutions : The Case of Shark Protection in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations 2020
Lisa Dellmuth, Matilda Petersson, Daniel Dunn,
et al.
Empowering NGOs? Long-Term Effects of Ecological and Institutional Change on Regional Fisheries Management Organizations 2020

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