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Kåre Vernby, Ph.D., Uppsala University, 2006, is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University, where he teaches courses in methods. His papers have been published in academic journals such as American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science and Electoral Studies as well as several edited volumes.

Research Projects and Collaborations

Vernby is principal researcher on the projects “The Underrepresentation of Immigrants in Politics” and ”Minority and Female Politicians as Role Models ”, both funded by the Swedish Research Council.



Eriksson, Lina and Kåre Vernby. (forthcoming). “Welcome to the Party? Ethnicity and the Interaction between Potential Activists and Party Gate-Keepers”. Journal of Politics.

Dancygier, Rafaela, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Pär Nyman and Kåre Vernby. (2020) "Candidate Supply is Not a Barrier to Immigrant Representation: A Case-Control Study”. forthcoming in American Journal of Political Science.

Vernby, Kåre and Rafaela Dancygier. 2019. “Can Immigrants Counteract Employer Discrimination? A Factorial Field Experiment Reveals the Immutability of Ethnic Hierarchies”. PLoS ONE 14(7): e0218044

Heléne Berg, Matz Dahlberg & Kåre Vernby. 2019. "Post-WWI military disarmament and interwar fascism in Sweden". Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History.

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Dancygier, Rafaela, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Kåre Vernby. 2015. ”Why Are Immigrants Underrepresented in Politics: Evidence from Sweden”, American Political Science Review 109: 703-724. Here is a working paper version. Winner of the 2015 SAGE Best Paper Award, Comparative Politics Section, APSA and the 2016 Lawrence Longley Award for the best article on representation and electoral systems in the previous year.

Finseraas, Henning and Kåre Vernby.  2014. “A Mixed Blessing for the Left? Early Voting, Turnout and Election Outcomes in Norway, Electoral Studies 33: 278–291. Covered by The Guardian and LSE’s EUROPP blog. Here is a working paper version that was covered by The Monkey Cage.

Erlingsson, Gissur, Kåre Vernby and Richard Öhrvall. 2014. ”The Single-Issue Party Thesis and the Sweden Democrats”, Acta Politica 49: 196–216. Here is a working paper version.

Vernby, Kåre. 2013. “Inclusion and Public Policy: Evidence from Sweden’s Introduction of Noncitizen Suffrage” American Journal of Political Science 57: 15-29. Covered by Libération. The article has an on-line appendix and the data are on the AJPS Dataverse. Here is a working paper version. There is also an older version of the paper that includes a formal model of noncitizen enfranchisement.

Finseraas, Henning and Kåre Vernby. 2011. “What Parties Are and What Parties Do: Partisanship and Welfare State Reform in an Era of Austerity” Socio-Economic Review 9: 613-638

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Vernby, Kåre. 2007. “Strikes are More Common in Countries With Majoritarian Electoral Systems” Public Choice 132: 65-84

Book Chapters

Bäck, Hanna, Thomas Persson, Kåre Vernby and Lina Westin. 2011. “Presidentialisation from a Historical Perspective: Ministerial Selection and Reshuffling in Swedish Cabinets” in Parliamentary Government in the Nordic Countries at a Crossroads, eds. Thomas Persson and Matti Wiberg, Stockholm: Santérus Academic Press

Kåre Vernby. 2010. “Demokrati som utfall av fördelningspolitisk strid” [Democracy as the outcome of distributive struggle] in Myt eller verklighet? Om samband mellan demokrati och ekonomisk tillväxt, eds. Sven Oskarsson and Sten Widmalm, Stockholm: Norstedts

Vernby, Kåre and Jörgen Hermansson. 2010. “Har parlamentarismen varit oss till gagn?” [Has Parliamentarism Served Us Well?] in Regeringsmakten i Sverige, ed. Jörgen Hermansson, Stockholm: SNS

Hermansson, Jörgen and Kåre Vernby. 2010. “Regeringsombildningar och statsr ådskarriärer” [Cabinet Reshuffles and Ministerial Careers] in Regeringsmakten i Sverige, ed. Jörgen Hermansson, Stockholm: SNS

Bäck, Hanna, Thomas Persson, Kåre Vernby and Helena Wockelberg. 2009. “In Tranquil Waters: Swedish Cabinet Ministers in the Post-War Era” in The Selection of Ministers in Europe: Hiring and Firing, eds. Keith Dowding and Patrick Dumont, London: Routledge

Bäck, Hanna and Kåre Vernby. 2006. “Medborgarna uppfattar partiernas politik” [The Citizen’s Perceive Parties’ Policies] in Valets mekanismer, eds. Hanna Bäck and Mikael Giljam, Stockholm: Liber

Vernby, Kåre. 2005. “Classes, Sectors and Political Cleavages” in Power and Institutions in Industrial Relation Regimes, eds. PerOla Öberg and Torsten Svensson, Stockholm: Arbetslivsinstitutet


Kåre Vernby och Rafaela Dancygier. 2018. Etniska hierarkier och diskriminering på arbetsmarknaden, IFAU Rapport 2018:21.