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Dr. Johan Nordensvärd is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University and a Researcher at the University of Southampton. He holds a PhD in Political Science (University of Oldenburg) and a Master degree in Political Science (Lund University).

Before joining Stockholm University he worked as Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Brighton, LSE Fellow in Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science and as Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Southampton.  He was Visiting Researcher at the Australian National University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Auckland and Aalborg University. He was co-chair and a theme leader of the interdisciplinary Clean Carbon Group at the University of Southampton. 

Johan’s research focuses on the intersection of environmental politics, international development and social policy, especially with regards to low carbon development, innovation policy and energy policy.   He is particularly interested in developing a broader understanding of environmental justice, identity and ecological citizenship in relation to renewable energy technologies. He has contributed to two large research projects: 1. ‘China Goes Global: A comparative study of Chinese hydropower dams in Africa and Asia’ which was funded by the UK Economics and Social Research Council ESRC and addressed the social and environmental implications of Chinese-built and Chinese-funded hydropower dams in Cambodia, Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria. 2. ‘Technological Trajectories for Climate Change Mitigation in China, India and the EU’ funded by the Svenska Riksbanken Jubileumsfond, the Volkswagen Foundation and the Compagnia di San Paolo, which studied how emerging low carbon technological trajectories in Europe, China and India differ and what the implications for strategies of international competition and cooperation are at the enterprise and government level.

He has published the first textbook on Low Carbon Development, the first reader in Low Carbon Development and a monograph on the social implications of Low Carbon Development (with Routledge). He has also published in peer-reviewed international journals such as Energy Policy, Energy for Sustainable Development, Asia and Pacific Policy Studies, Sustainable Development, International Journal of Water Resource Development and Energies.  He has also a research interest in the rise of new right-wing parties and their impact on both social policy and environmental policy. He is PhD supervisor for students in the field of Environmental Social Science.


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Selected Peer-reviewed articles

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Selected Chapters in edited volumes

Poelina, A and Nordensvärd, J., 2018. Sustainable Luxury Tourism, Indigenous communities and governance in M.A. Gardetti and S.S. Muthu (editors) Handbook on Sustainable Luxury, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, Springer, Singapore, PP. 147 - 166

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