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I am a researcher at the department and part of the project The politics of military loss in contemporary Europe. In my analysis I focus on how the death of German and Swedish soldiers in the Afghanistan-mission is discussed in the respective parliament, and how ideas of gender, state and nation are constructed during these discussions.

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Apart from my current work I have since long been interested in the welfare state’s ability to work against inequality based on gender and class, and welfare state’s ability to prevent poverty. In may 2016 I defended my thesis with the title Mothers’ social citizenship. The logics and effects of the German and Swedish welfare states at the Department of Government at Uppsala University.

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Publications (selection)

2017 with Auth, Diana: Social Investment or Gender Equality? Aims, Instruments and Outcomes of Parental Leave Regulations in Germany and Sweden, in: Auth, Diana/Hergenhan, Jutta/Holland-Cunz Barbara (eds.): Gender and Family in European Economic Policy: Developments in the New Millenium, Houndmills/Basingstoke/Hampshire/New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

2016: Mothers’ Social Citizenship. The logics and effects of the Swedish and German welfare states. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Skrifter utgivna av Statsvetenskapliga föreningen i Uppsala. 202 pp. Uppsala.

2010: Die Einführung des Elterngeldes: Ermöglichung der finanziellen Unabhängigkeit für (alle) Frauen?, in: Auth, Diana/Buchholz, Eva/Janczyk Stefanie (eds.): Gleichstellungs- und Familienpolitik in Zeiten der Großen Koalition. Neuer Feminismus? Modernisierung? Re-Traditionalisierung?, Opladen/Farmington Hills: Verlag Barbara Budrich, 151-171.

2009: Schweden als realistisches Vorbild für die Gleichstellung von Frauen in der Existenzsicherung, in: Berghahn, Sabine/Lange, Ursula/Schultz, Ulrike (eds.): Rechtshandbuch für Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, Hamburg: Verlag Dashöfer, chapter 2.8.2; 1-24.

2006: Schweden: Vorbild für die Förderung individueller Existenzsicherung von Frauen, working paper, Berlin,

Public debate

2017: Låglönejobb ingen bra lösning (A larger low-income sector is not a good solution), in: Dagens Arena, 27.01.2017

2014: Ska det vara möjligt att leva på sin lön, Calmfors? (Should it be possible to make a living of one’s wage, Calmfors?), in: Dagens Arena, 08.05.2014.

2014: Tyskland visar varför Calmfors har fel (The German case shows why Calmfors is wrong), in: Dagens Arena 01.04.2014.

2014: Problematiskt om mamma-ideal (Problematic aspects of the current mother role), in: Dagens ETC, 28.02.2014.