Eva Hansson

Eva Hansson

PhD/Research administrator Forum for Asian Studies

Publications by Eva Hansson

Författare Titel År
Eva Louise Hansson
Demokratisering 2021
Eva Hansson, Kevin Hewison, Jim Glassman
Legacies of the Cold War in East and Southeast Asia : An Introduction 2020
Eva Hansson
Legacies of the Cold War : Regime Security and Coercive Forces in Vietnam 2019
Eva Hansson, Meredith L. Weiss
Beyond the Cold War in Southeast Asia : Editors’ Introduction 2019

Political Participation in Asia : Defining and Deploying Political Space 2018
Meredith L. Weiss, Eva Hansson
Participation and Space : Themes, Patterns, and Implications 2018
Eva Hansson, Meredith L. Weiss
Conceptualizing Political Space and Mobilization 2018
Eva Hansson
Inequality and political regimes in Asia 2015
Eva Hansson
Agglomeration of Inequality and Pressures for Democratization in Vietnam 2015
Eva Hansson
Demokratisering 2015
Eva Hansson, Bjarnegård Elin
Valets legitimitet kommer ifrågasättas 2015
Eva Hansson
Growth without Democracy : Challenges to Authoritarianism in Vietnam 2011
Eva Hansson, Hege Merete Knutsen
Theoretical Approaches to Changing Labour Regimes in Transition Economies 2010
Eva Hansson, Hege M Knutsen
Theoretical Approaches to Changing Labour Regimes in Transformation Economies 2008
Eva Hansson
Globalization and Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia 2008
Eva Hansson
Authoritarian Governance and Labour: : The VGCL and the Party-State in Economic Renovation 2008
Eva Hansson
Challenging Authoritarianism: Civil Society and Labour Conflict in Vietnam 2008

Civil society and authoritarianism in the third world : a conference book 2015
Eva Hansson, Björn Beckman, Lisa Román
Vietnam : Reform and Transformation 2010
Eva Hansson
The Vietnam Railway Trade Union 2010
Eva Hansson
Trade Unions and Doi Moi : The Changing Role of Trade Unions in the Era of Economic Liberalisation in Vietnam 2010

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