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Research interests

My interests revolve around the causes of rebellion, the emergence of violent political actors. Who shapes the escalation dynamics preceding wide-spread violence? In particular, entrepreneurs of violence with an interest to change the status quo, such as al-Zarqawi of Daesh, make decisions that impact their organization and consequently the lives of millions. Like entrepreneurs in other parts of society, not all entrepreneurs are successful. But what makes a rebel leader successful? In terms of methods, I am both interested in qualitative and quantitative inferences.

Research project

The focus of my research project is solving the puzzle of how rebel leaders can recruit elite support for rebellion, despite lacking the ability to prove their ability to successfully manage a rebel organization. When rebel groups form they either implode or develop in a way that allows them to pursue their goals with the strategies they set. Initially, leaders lack the means to secure resources. As a result, rebel leaders need to secure the support of people who have the resources – military training, arms, mercenaries, etc. - to fund the formation and development of the rebel organization.  I investigate how rebel leaders compete with other leaders who seek to change the political status quo: their ability to monopolize elite support, eliminate competition and consequently secure the conditions necessary for developing an organization capable of contesting the state.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Doyle, Lindsey, and Lukas Hegele. “Talks before the Talks: Effects of Pre-Negotiation on Reaching Peace Agreements in Intrastate Armed Conflicts, 2005–15.” Journal of Peace Research, (December 2020).


Course convener of MA course: International Security Politics (7.5 ECTS) (Autumn 2020)

Course convener of BA course: Human and International Security (7.5 ECTS) (Autumn 2020)

Seminar teacher in BA course “Method in Political Science”; Quantitative methods (15 ECTS) (Autumn 2020)

Education & Training

Research assistant at the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. 2018.

Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (Social Science). Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. 2017.

Bachelor of Arts. Political Science and Psychology. Department of Political Science at the University of Mannheim, Germany. 2015.