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Research interests

I am interested in questions related to political violence in general, and more specifically in what determines individuals’ choices in favour of armed political violence or non-violent resistance, and who shapes the dynamics within times of war. Therefore, broadly speaking, I am interested in an actor-centered analysis of the onset of armed conflicts, the strategic choices of actors, and how these choices impact the dynamics within an armed conflict. I am interested in quantitative and qualitative methods.

Research project

Why are some people violent while others are not? Why do different people formulate similar political demands, but opt for dissimilar campaigns of political contestation (e.g. violent rebellion / non-violent resistance)? How do groups of political contestation come into being and how do they successfully establish themselves and their enterprise of political change? These questions are central to my PhD project, in which I am investigating the role of leadership in the nascent state of armed non-state actors and non-violent non-state actors. I argue that the blueprint for the type of political contestation a group engages in – violent or non-violent – is set by those individuals who emerge as a group’s leadership in the early stages of group formation and consolidation. Moreover, I speculate that certain characteristics of leadership have a significant impact on 1 ) whether groups engage in non-violent resistance or forms of armed resistance, 2) whether a group successfully establishes itself as political contester as opposed to being disbanded or crushed, and 3) how violent the campaign is going to be.


Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (Social Science). Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. 2017.

Bachelor of Arts. Political Science and Psychology. Department of Political Science at the University of Mannheim, Germany. 2015.