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Research Interests

Human rights, Gender equality politics, International Relations, Global Governance, Development Studies, Corporate Social Responsibility

PhD Project

Assessment Power in Global Development Policy: The Millennium Development Goals


Hede Skagerlind, H., Westman, M., & Berglund, H. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility through Cross‐sector Partnerships: Implications for Civil Society, the State, and the Corporate Sector in India. Business and Society Review120(2), 245-275.

Conference Papers

(2016) “Assessment Power in Global Development Policy: The MDGs”, Global Assessment Power Workshop, Harvard University, USA

(2015) “Governing Development: Diffusing Gender and Development Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa”, African Studies Association (ASA), San Diego, USA and Nordev15, Gothenburg, Sweden

(2015) “The UN MDGs and Gender Policy Convergence in Sub-Saharan Africa”, ISA, New Orleans, USA

Research Affiliations

Research Associate, Institute for Development Studies (IDS), University of Nairobi, Kenya, September 2014-March 2015


  • Human Rights, Teacher Program (course coordinator)
  • Qualitative Methods, Master Program
  • Transnational Collaboration and Development, Global Development III (course co-coordinator)
  • International Politics, Political Science I
  • The Politics of Sustainable Development, Political Science II