Björn Beckman

Björn Beckman

Björn Beckman

Professor emeritus

Recent publications by Björn Beckman

Författare Titel År
Gunilla Andrae, Björn Beckman
Lagos Tailors, Trade Unions, and Organizations in the Informal Economy 2014
Björn Beckman
Trade Unions and the Politics of Crisis 2013

Organising for Democracy : Nigerian and Comparative Experiences 2012
Gunilla Andrae, Björn Beckman
Trade unions, tailors, and civil society 2013
Gunilla Andrae, Björn Beckman
Union power and the formal -informal divide 2012
Björn Beckman, L..M Sachikonye
Introduction 2011
Björn Beckman, G Andrae
Union power and the formal-informal divide 2011
Björn Beckman, Gunilla Andrae
Alliances across The formal-informal divide : South African debets and Nigerian experiences 2011
Björn Beckman
Trade Unions and Popular Representation : Nigeria and South Africa comperad 2011

Trade Unions and Party Politics : Labour movements in Africa 2010
Björn Beckman, Salihu Lukman
The failure of Nigeria's Labour Party 2010

Globalization, imperalism and resistance. 2009

Globalization, imperialism and resistance 2007
Björn Beckman, Lars Lindström, Anders Sjögren,
et al.
Globalization, imperialism and resistance : an introduction 2007

Civil society and authoritarianism in the third world : a conference book 2015
Björn Beckman
Whose civil society? : trade unions and capacity building in the Nigerian textile industry 2009
Björn Beckman
Civil Society and Alliance Politics 2009

Labour regimes and liberalization : the restructuring of state-society relations in Africa. 2009

Civil Society and Authoritarianism in the Third World 2009
Björn Beckman
The liberation of civil society : neo-liberal ideology and political theory in an african context 2009
Eva Hansson, Björn Beckman, Lisa Román
Vietnam : Reform and Transformation 2010
Björn Beckman
Explaining Democratization : Notes of the Concept of the Civil Society 2009
Björn Beckman
Interest groups and the construction of democratic space 2009
Björn Beckman
The politics of labour and adjustment : the experience of the Nigeria labour congress 2009
Björn Beckman, Attahiru Jega
Scholars and democratic politics in Nigeria 2009

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