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Recent publications by Bertil Nygren

Författare Titel År
Bertil Nygren
Russian Resource Policies towards the CIS Countries 2013
Bertil Nygren
Using the neo-classical realism paradigm to predict Russian foreign policy behaviour as a complement to using resources 2012
Bertil Nygren
The EU's democratic norm project for Eurasia : will the Beauty tame the Beast? 2009
Bertil Nygren
Putin’s Use of Natural Gas to Reintegrate the CIS region 2008
Bertil Nygren
Rysslands relationer med OSS-länderna 2008
Bertil Nygren
Putin's attempt to subjugate Georgia: from sabre-rattling to the power of the purse 2007
Bertil Nygren
The Re-building of Greater Russia. : Putin's foreign policy towards the CIS countries. 2007
Bertil Nygren
Russia's Relations with Georgia under Putin 2009
Bertil Nygren
Russia's Relations with Belarus and Ukraine : Putin, the Reluctant Emperor 2009
Bertil Nygren
A Comparison of Three Russian Presidential Election Campaigns in 1996, 2000 and 2004 : Where is Russia Going? 2009

Putin I and Putin II : results of the first term and prospects for the second. 2009
Bertil Nygren
Russia's immediate security environment under Putin, before and after september 11th 2009
Bertil Nygren
Putin's september 11th foreing policy volte-face and its effects on Russia's relations to the "near abroad" 2009

Russian military reform and Russia's new security environment. 2009

Transitions : In Honour of Kjell Goldmann 2009
Bertil Nygren
Russia and Europe, or Russia in Europe 2009
Bertil Nygren
The History of the Slavic Union Idea 2009

A slavic triangle? : present and future relations between Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. 2009

Russia and Europe : Putin's foreign policy. 2009
Bertil Nygren
A comparison of the Russian presidential elcetion compaigns of 1996 and 2000 2009

The Russian presidential election in 2000. 2009

Russia and NATO. 2009
Bertil Nygren
The role perceptions of Swedish academics vis-à-vis foreign policy practitioners 2009
Bertil Nygren
Sovjetunionens avspänningsdoktrin 2009

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