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Asli Postaci

During my PhD research, I was a guest researcher at El Centro de Estudios Avanzados de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and in Facultad de Estudios para Graduados, Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires during 2009-2010. As a PhD candidate, I worked as a research assistant at the Department of Public Administration in Yeditepe University, Istanbul. My prior degrees were MA in European Union-International Relations at Ankara University and BA in International Relations in Bilkent University, Ankara.

Previously, I was an Assistant Professor and Ph.D. program coordinator at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Yeditepe University, Istanbul. I was a guest researcher to the Stockholm University Institute for Latin American Studies (LAIS) and Institute of Turkish Studies (SUITS) between 2015 and 2017 coordinating a research project on protest movements.  I have been a senior lecturer at the Department of Political Science since 2017, also occasionally lecturing at the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University.

Ph.D. Dissertation

“The Military Interventions of 1976 in Argentina and 1980 in Turkey - An Analysis and Comparison of the Civil-Military Relations” (2012).

Research Interests

Area studies, comparative politics, civil-military relations, transitional justice, memory politics, protest movements, democratization, human rights, Turkish Politics and Latin American Politics.


Conference Papers and Articles

“Transitional Justice in Argentina and Greece” MPSA, Chicago, April 2018.

“Mass Protests against Popularly Elected Governments: Brazil and Turkey” MPSA, Chicago, April 2018.

“Disentangling the Mass Protests in Brazil and Turkey: A Trans-Continental Comparison” paper presented at the 8th Nordic Latin American Research Network Conference (NOLAN), Helsinki, June 2015.

“The Making of the Mass Protests in Brazil and Turkey: A Comparative Approach” paper presented at XXXIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Puerto Rico, May 2015.

“Transitional Justice in Turkey: Restoration or Retribution?” paper presented at ATINER, Athens, July 2014.

"The Impact of Collective Memory on Political Culture in Argentina: a Trans-continental Comparison" paper presented at XXXII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Chicago, May 2014.

“Rise of Extreme Right in Europe: The Case of Greece” paper presented at London School of Economics, Hellenic Observatory, 6th Biennial on Greece and Cyprus, London, June 2013.

Book Chapters

Postaci, A., (in process) “Foreign Policy of the New Turkey” in B. Sutcuoglu (Ed.) The New Turkey

Postaci, A., (2013) “Military Interventions in Turkey” in B. Kuntay & N. Narlı (Eds.) Critical Issues in Turkish Politics, Bahcesehir University Press, pp. 72-99.


Comparative Area Studies Project, “Comparing Protests across Regions: Political Opportunity Structures and Outcomes of Extra-Parliamentary Protests in Thailand, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and  Brazil”, Stockholm University, 2016.

Evaluation of long-term effects from OPC’s program in Turkey and the process of exit from the program, Olof Palme Center, 2017.


Supervision of independent research projects, bachelor level (SU)

Supervision of master’s theses

History of International Relations

Human Rights in the Middle East, Turkey and East Asia (SU)

Area Studies – Theory and Method (SU)

Civil-Military Relations

Society and Politics in Latin America

European Union

History of International Relations

History of Political Thought

Contemporary Political Ideologies

Middle Eastern and North African Politics and Economy SU)

Middle Eastern and North African Societies (SU)

Religion in MENA Region (SU)

Human Rights: Perspectives and Conflicts (SU)

Political Theory (SU)

Methods and Process in Political Science (SU)

Independent Research Project (SU)