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New book: Governing the Climate-Energy Nexus

Karin Bäckstrand and Naghmeh Nasiritousi are, together with Fariborz Zelli, Lunds University, Jakob Skovgaard, Lunds University, and, Oscar Widerberg, VU University Amsterdam, editors for the new book.

Political Party Dynamics

Political Party Dynamics and Democracy in Sweden

Sweden has often been described as a democratic forerunner, with one of the world's most stable party systems. However, the political landscape in Sweden has undergone a rapid change in recent years.

Bild på boken Gendering Military Sacrifice.

New book: Gendering Military Sacrifice

This book offers a feminist analysis of military sacrifice and reveals the importance of a gender perspective in understanding the idea of honourable death. Editors are Cecilia Åse and Maria Wendt.

New publications

Author Title Year
Jonathan Kender
En ny kritisk diskurs omPublic service : - En kritik från tidigare anställda 2021
Malin Redmo
Är den svenskaanimalieproduktionen hållbar? : En idealtypsanalys som undersöker hur hållbarhetsdimensioner gestaltas inom svensk animalieproduktion. 2021
Magnus Lundgren, Kseniya Oksamytna, Katharina P. Coleman
Only as fast as its troop contributors : Incentives, capabilities, and constraints in the UN's peacekeeping response 2020
Jonas Tallberg, Magnus Lundgren, Thomas Sommerer,
et al.
Why International Organizations Commit to Liberal Norms 2020
Faradj Koliev, Thomas Sommerer, Jonas Tallberg
Reporting Matters : Performance Indicators and Compliance in theInternational Labor Organization (ILO) 2020
Jonas Tallberg, Soetkin Verhaegen
The Legitimacy of International Institutions among Rising and Established Powers 2020
Elin Hellquist, Stefano Palestini
Regional sanctions and the struggle for democracy : Introduction to the special issue 2020
Marta Reuter
Nationalstatens sista väktare. Vad är den svenska folkrörelsen utan Sverige? 2020
Marta Reuter
Förstärkt tillsyn i en alltmer fragmenterad äldreomsorg 2020
Maria-Therese Gustafsson, Martin Scurrah
Subnational governance strategies at the extractive frontier: collaboration and conflict in Peru 2020
Lenita Freidenvall
Women’s Descriptive and Substantive Representation in Nordic Politics 2020
Lenita Freidenvall
Gender knowledge and gender expertise : The implementation of gender mainstreaming in Swedish state agencies 2020
Josefina Erikson, Lenita Freidenvall
A legislative gender equality norm as a catalyst for change? Discursive convergence in the case of the Swedish Parliament 2020
Lenita Freidenvall, Josefina Erikson
The speaker’s gender equality group in the Swedish parliament – a toothless tiger? 2020
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Maria-Therese Gustafsson, Ece Kural
Global adaptation governance : Explaining the governance responses of international organizations to new issue linkages 2020
Naghmeh Nasiritousi, Lisa Sanderink, Jakob Skovgaard,
et al.
The Performance of the Climate-Energy Nexus : Assessing The Effectiveness Of The Institutional Complexes On Renewable Energy Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform And Carbon Pricing 2020
Lisa Maria Dellmuth, Jonas Tallberg
Elite Communication and the Popular Legitimacy in International Organizations 2020
Naghmeh Nasiritousi, Soetkin Verhaegen
Disentangling Legitimacy : Comparing Stakeholder Assessments Of Five Key Climate And Energy Governance Institutions 2020

Governing the Climate-Energy Nexus : Institutional Complexity and Its Challenges to Effectiveness and Legitimacy 2020
Kåre Vernby, Lina Eriksson
Welcome to the Party? Ethnicity and the Interaction between Potential Activists and Party Gate-Keepers 2020
Eva Hansson, Kevin Hewison, Jim Glassman
Legacies of the Cold War in East and Southeast Asia 2020
Monica Andersson
Förord 2020
Monica Andersson
Klimatförändringar : och deras inverkan på Stockholms Vattenrum 2020
Weronika Axelsson-Linkowski, Anna-Maria Fjellström, Camilla Sandström,
et al.
Shifting Strategies between Generations in Sami Reindeer Husbandry : the Challenges of Maintaining Traditions while Adapting to a Changing Context 2020
Göran Sundström, Torbjörn Larsson
Den dubbla demokratimodellens politiska pris : Oppositionens roll i besluten bakom byggandet av Nya Karolinska Solna 2020
Drude Dahlerup, David Karlsson, Helena Olofsdotter Stensota
What does it mean to be a feminist MP? A comparative analysis of the Swedish and Danish parliaments 2020
Rafaela Dancygier, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Par Nyman,
et al.
Candidate Supply Is Not a Barrier to Immigrant Representation : A Case-Control Study 2020
Naima Chahboun
Art of the Possible? : Feasibility and Compliance in Ideal and Nonideal Theory 2020
Hans Agné, Thomas Sommerer, David G. Angeler
Introducing the Sounds of Data to the Study of Politics : A Choir of Global Legitimacy Crises 2020
Niklas Bremberg
From partnership to principled pragmatism : tracing the discursive practices of the High Representatives in the EU's relations with the Southern Mediterranean 2020
Maria Jansson, Frantzeska Papadopoulou, Ingrid Stigsdotter,
et al.
Studying women in Swedish film production : Methodological considerations 2020
Pelle Åberg, Stefan Einarsson, Marta Reuter
Organizational Identity of Think Tank(er)s : A Growing Elite Group in Swedish Civil Society 2020
Maria-Therese Gustafsson, Roger Merino, Martin Scurrah
Domestication of international norms for sustainable resource governance : Elite capture in Peru 2020
Magnus Reitberger
Targeting rents : Global taxes on natural resources 2020
Elin Hellquist
Regional sanctions as peer review : The African Union against Egypt (2013) and Sudan (2019) 2020
Markus Furendal
Do Your Bit, Claim Your Share : Justice, Ethos, and the Individual Duty to Contribute 2020
Naima Chahboun
Motivation as Constraint 2020
Naima Chahboun
Ideal theory and action-guidance : Why we still disagree 2020
Magnus Christiansson
Defence transformation in Sweden : The strategic governance of pivoting projects 2000-2010 2020
Isabel Wester
Understanding the failure of the peace initiative: “Plan Colombia” (“Plan for Peace, Prosperity, and the Strengthening of the State” 1998-2002) 2020
Melissa M. Sloan, Murat Haner, Francis T. Cullen,
et al.
Using Behavioral Strategies to Cope With the Threat of Terrorism : A National-Level Study 2020
Dwayne Thompson
US  Foreign  Policy  toward  Iraq’s  and  Syria’s  Kurds : A  qualitative  case  study  of  the  2014  Sieges  of  Sinjar  and  Kobani,  examining  the  effects  of ideology  on  state  to  non-state  actor  relations. 2020
Gustav Ramström
The Case for Causal Individualism in Social Science 2020
Jo Saglie, Ulf Mörkenstam, Johannes Bergh
Political Cleavages in Indigenous Representation : The Case of the Norwegian and Swedish Samediggis 2020
Angelica Engström
Är Sverige en stat? : Diskursanalytisk undersökning av debatten om no-go zoner i svenska utanförskapsområden 2020
Bengt Jacobsson, Göran Sundström
Tjugofem år av gemenskap : Statsförvaltningen och Europeiska unionen 2020
Göran Sundström
"Speaking Truth to Power" - ett hotat ideal 2020
Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg, Göran Sundström
Förvaltningspolitikens organisering 2020
Göran Sundström
Perspektiv på politisk styrning 2020
Ehn Peter, Göran Sundström
Förvaltningspolitik i förändring 2020
Marco Bouwmans
From Victory to Defeat? How Human Rights Infringements in Foreign Policy During the War on Terror Contributed to the Decline of Democracy in the US 2020

Statlig förvaltningspolitik för 2020-talet : En forskningsantologi 2020
Karim Zakhour
While We Wait : Democratization, State and Citizenship among Young Men in Tunisia's Interior Regions 2020
Gustav Ramström
Why There is No Downward Causation in the Social Sphere – Immanent vs. Abstract Macro Entities 2020
Lisa Sanderink, Naghmeh Nasiritousi
How institutional interactions can strengthen effectiveness : The case of multi-stakeholder partnerships for renewable energy 2020
Ragnhild Nilsson
The Consequences of Swedish National Law on Sami Self-Constitution-The Shift from a Relational Understanding of Who Is Sami Toward a Rights-Based Understanding 2020
Faradj Koliev, Thomas Sommerer, Jonas Tallberg
Compliance without coercion : Effects of reporting on international labor rights 2020
Kirill Orach, Andreas Duit, Maja Schlüter
Sustainable natural resource governance under interest group competition in policy-making 2020
Matthew Bridger
Digital Games – The key to studying Cosmopolitan Democracy? : An investigation into the suitability of Games and MMORPG communities for the study of Cosmopolitan Democracy 2020
Faradj Koliev
Where Help Is Needed Most? Explaining Reporting Strategies of the International Trade Union Confederation 2020
Barakat Ghebrehawariat
"Det är bredare än min frisyr" : Diskursanalys av en hår(d)debatt av kulturell appropriering i svensk media 2020
Sofia Weilander
Konstruktionen av kvinnojoursrörelsen i Sveriges offentliga politik mellan åren 2008-2019 : En kritisk diskursanalys om relationen mellan stat, marknad och kvinnojoursrörelsen 2020
Magnus Lundgren, Isak Svensson
The surprising decline of international mediation in armed conflicts 2020
Jonas Kragnert Bartholf
Vänsterpartiets integrationspolitik : En idéanalytisk redogörelse av hur integration och invandring formuleras officiellt av Vänsterpartiet 2020
Elin Hermansson
Jämställdhetsintegrering som institutionaliserad strategi : En studie om jämställdhetsintegreringens institutionalisering och transformativa potential i två svenska kommuner 2020
Joel Westerlund
Perspectives on Development and Diplomacy : A Case Study of Swedish Foreign Relations with Mozambique 2020
Emilia Eldh
Att leva som man lär? : Om statlig styrning av prioriteringar i hälso- och sjukvård 2020
Lenita Freidenvall, Josefina Erikson
The speaker's gender equality group in the Swedish parliament - a toothless tiger? 2020
Livia Johannesson, Martin Qvist
Navigating the policy stream : Contested solutions and organizational strategies of policy entrepreneurship 2020
Ola Svenonius, Ulrika Mörth
Avocat, rechtsanwalt or agent of the state? Anti-money laundering compliance strategies of French and German lawyers 2020
Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Niklas Bremberg, Anna Michalski,
et al.
The European Union in a Changing World Order : What Is at Stake? 2020

The European Union in a Changing World Order : Interdisciplinary European Studies 2020
Tilde Jansson
"Det är svårt att sälja in sig på en marknad med den billigaste varan." : En fallstudie av Ross Tensta gymansium och strukturernas påverkan på en skolas förutsättnignar. 2020
Fanny Wallberg
Affären först, demokratin sedan? : En explorativ intervjustudie av policyprofessionella konsulters inställning till makt, demokrati och legitimitet 2019 2020
Bart Joachim Bes, Thomas Sommerer, Hans Agné
On Legitimacy Crises and the Resources of Global Governance Institutions : A Surprisingly Weak Relationship? 2020