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Maria-Therese och Drude

New publications October 2017

Maria-Therese Gustafsson has published the book "Private Politics and Peasant Mobilizations: Mining in Peru" and Drude Dahlerup has written an essay called "Has Democracy Failed Women?"

Analyzing text and discourse

Analyzing Text and Discourse – Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences

Göran Bergström and Kristina Boréus are the editors of a unique anthology of textual analysis methodologies.

Nya böcker 2017

New publications

New publications from our researchers at the department.

Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics

Three political scientists from Stockholm in The Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics

Oxford University Press has released a handbook to Swedish politics. Tommy Möller, Ulrika Mörth and Göran Sundström are three of the researchers that have contributed to the book.

Development and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia and South Asia

New book: Development and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia and South Asia

Editors are Henrik Berglund, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University, Professor Mondira Dutta, and Per Hilding, Department of Economic History, Stockholm University.

Rethinking the Green State thumb

Rethinking the Green State. Governance towards climate and sustainability transitions.

Karin Bäckstrand and Annica Kronsell are editors for a new book on the role of the green state in climate and sustainability governance.

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You may search for our researchers' publication in the University's data base DiVa.

New publications

Author Title Year
Thomas Sommerer, Jonas Tallberg
Diffusion across International Organizations : Connectivity and Convergence 2018
Ludvig Beckman
Children and the right to vote 2018
Magnus Lundgren
Backdoor peacekeeping : Does participation in UN peacekeeping reduce coups at home? 2018
Emma Ek Österberg, Martin Qvist
Public Sector Innovation as Governance Reform : A Comparative Analysis of Competitive and Collaborative Strategies in the Swedish Transport Sector 2018
Drude Dahlerup
Gender Equality as a Closed Case : A Survey among the Members of the 2015 Danish Parliament 2018
Diane Sainsbury
Gender differentiation and citizenship acquisition : Nationality reforms in comparative and historical perspective 2018
Lisen Schultz, Simon West, Alba Juarez Bourke,
et al.
Learning to live with social-ecological complexity : An interpretive analysis of learning in 11 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves 2018
Maria Wendt
Almedalen som ritual och dragkamp om folket 2018
Maria Jansson
An economy of protection : agency, responsibility and the criminalization of HIV 2018
James J. Patterson, Thomas Thaler, Matthew Hoffmann,
et al.
Political feasibility of 1.5 degrees C societal transformations : the role of social justice 2018
Ola Svenonius, Fredrika Björklund
Explaining attitudes to secret surveillance in post-communist societies 2018
Sijeong Lim, Andreas Duit
Partisan politics, welfare states, and environmental policy outputs in the OECD countries, 1975-2005 2018
Linnéa Acaralp
U.S. Drone Attacks and the Proportionality Principle : Growing ignorance or Consciousness? 2018
Ludvig Beckman
Personhood and legal status : Reflections on the democratic rights of corporations 2018
Karin Svedberg Helgesson, Ulrika Mörth
Client privilege, compliance and the rule of law : Swedish lawyers and money laundering prevention 2018
Henrik Angerbrandt
Deadly elections : post-election violence in Nigeria 2018
Lotta Brännström, Katarina Giritli-Nygren, Gustav Lidén,
et al.
LIVED EXPERIENCES OF CHANGING INTEGRATION POLICIES : Immigrant Narratives of Institutional Support and Labour Market Inclusion/Exclusion in Sweden 2018
Alba Mohedano Roldán
Equality and Participation : Distribution of Outcomes in Participatory Processes for Managing Natural Resources 2018
Anneli Gustafsson
Riksdagsdebatt iscensatt : Ett feministiskt teatralt perspektiv på subjektskonstruerande makt i det demokratiska samtalet 2018
Åse Lidbeck
Allianser och Illusioner : Socialdemokratin och konsumtionsbeskattningen 2018
Hans Agné, Ulf Mörkenstam
PhD students supervised collectively rather than individually are quicker to complete their theses 2018
Thomas Sommerer, Hans Agné
Consequences of Legitimacy in Global Governance 2018
Hans Agné
Legitimacy in global governance research : How normative or sociological should it be? 2018
Hans Agné
Democratism : Towards an explanatory approach to international politics 2018
Hans Agné, Ulf Mörkenstam
Should first-year doctoral students be supervised collectively or individually? Effects on thesis completion and time to completion 2018
Martin Qvist, Livia Johannesson
Ett megaprojekt tar form : Den tidiga planeringen av Nya Karolinska Solna 2018
Alba Mohedano Roldán
Understanding Participation Equality in Natural Resource Management : Theory and Research Strategies 2018
Alba Mohedano Roldán
How Power and Participation Impact Outcome Equality of Management among Stakeholders : The Distribution of Status, Costs, and Benefits in Sumaco and Huascarán Biosphere Reserves 2018
Alba Mohedano Roldán, Andreas Duit, Lisen Schultz
Does Stakeholder Participation Increase the Legitimacy of Nature Reserves in Local Communities? Evidence from 92 Biosphere Reserves in 36 Countries 2018
Kirill Orach, Andreas Duit, Maja Schlüter
Sustainability of natural resource governance under interest group competition in policy making 2018
Jasmin Höglund Hellgren
Does Free, Prior and Informed Consent ensure self-determination? : A relational approach to mining activities and indigenous communities in northwestern Argentina 2018
Karin Gavelin
The Terms of Involvement : A study of attempts to reform civil society's role in public decision making in Sweden​ 2018
Sun-Joon Hwang
Folkrörelse eller affärsföretag : den svenska konsumentkooperationen 1945-1990 = [Popular movement or business enterprise] : [the Swedish Consumers' Cooperative 1945-1990] 2018
Hugo Faber
"Så länge man vill ha ljus hela tiden" : En studie av hur avskaffandet av effektskatten på kärnkraft legitimerades 2018
Eva Erman
The Political Legitimacy of Global Governance and the Proper Role of Civil Society Actors 2018
Alexandra Segerberg
Online and Social Media Campaigns for Climate Change Engagement 2018
W. Lance Bennett, Alexandra Segerberg, Curd B. Knüpfer
The democratic interface : technology, political organization, and diverging patterns of electoral representation 2018
Jonathan Kuyper
The Means and Ends of Deliberative Democracy : Rejoinder to Gunn 2018
Per-Anders Svärd
För korkade för demokrati 2018
Per-Anders Svärd
Political Theory and the Animal/Human Relationship by Judith Grant and Vincent G. Jungkunz 2018
Magnus Ek
Varför finns det inte ensamordnare för informationssäkerhet inom Regeringskansliet? : Detta trots att flera utredningar under 20 år och flera inträffade incidenter har pekat på behovet! 2018
Filip Wiljander
Hela Sveriga ska leva : Idéer och konfliktdimensioner i svensk landsbygdspolitik 2018
Rojan Taloyan
Våldtäkt med samtycke? En idéanalytisk studie av Riksdagspartiernas idéer angående våldtäktslagstiftningen 2018
Rojan Taloyan
Brottslighet, men vad för bestraffning? En idéanalytisk studie av de tre största Riksdagspartiernas kriminalpolitiska idéer när det gäller brottslighet och bestraffning 2018
Jonathan W. Kuyper, Björn-Ola Linnér, Heike Schroeder
Non-state actors in hybrid global climate governance : justice, legitimacy, and effectiveness in a post-Paris era 2018
Diane Sainsbury
Sociala rättigheter, välfärdsstater och könspolitiska regimer 2018
Henrik Berglund
Politiskt våld inom den hindunationalistiska rörelsen 2018
Henrik Berglund
Protest and Participation : The Popular Struggle against Coca-Cola at Plachimada (Kerala) 2018
Henrik Berglund
Civil society and political protest in India : The case of Coca-Cola in Kerala 2018
Soetkin Verhaegen
What to expect from European identity? Explaining support for solidarity in times of crisis 2018
Drude Dahlerup
Women's Political Representation 2018
Drude Dahlerup
Könskvotering i politiken 2018
Drude Dahlerup
Od malobrojne do bronje manjine : Zene u skandinavskoj politici 2018

Gender Quotas in Politics in Central East Europe 2018
Drude Dahlerup
Has Democracy Failed Women? 2018
Per-Anders Svärd
Normative Dilemmas in Sweden's Ethical Review Policy for Animal Experiments 2018
Per-Anders Svärd
Djur, samhälle och kritisk teori 2018
Per-Anders Svärd
Speciesism och ideologiskt herravälde 2018
Eva Hansson, Weiss Meredith
Participation and space : Themes, patterns, and implications 2018
Eva Hansson, Weiss Meredith
Conceptualizing political space and mobilization 2018
Eva Hansson, Meredith Weiss
Political participation in Asia : Defining and deploying political space 2018
Magnus Lundgren, Theresa Squatrito, Jonas Tallberg
Stability and change in international policy-making : A punctuated equilibrium approach 2018
Ola Svenonius
The body politics of the urban age : Reflections on surveillance and affect 2018
Ola Svenonius
Legitimering av övervakning i lokal säkerhetspolitik 2018

Analyzing Text and Discourse : Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences 2018
Markus Furendal
Appearances of Ēthos in Political Thought: The Dimension of Practical Reason by Sophia Hatzisavvidou 2018
Markus Furendal
Defining the duty to contribute: Against the market solution 2018
Naima Chahboun
Nonideal theory and compliance—A clarification 2018
Jonas Tallberg
Transparency 2018
Maria Jansson
Gustafsson, Sofie, 2016. Medborgarskapande på olika villkor. Självbilder, skolkoder och syn på kunskap i den svenska gymnasieskolan. Lund: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen 2018
Lenita Freidenvall, Maria Jansson
Introduktion 2018
Maria Jansson
Hälsa och kön på den internationella dagordningen 2018
Maud Eduards, Maria Jansson
Introduktion till internationella relationer 2018
Maria Carbin, Maria Jansson
Introduktion till politisk teori 2018

Politik och kön : Feministiska perspektiv på statsvetenskap 2018