Studying with a disability

Support for students with disabilities

Stockholm University provides various forms of special pedagogical support to students with long-term disabilities. The support is based on your individual needs and aims to facilitate your studies. The goal is to give all students the opportunity to study under equal conditions. The support measures should be reasonable with regard to the disability, the course requirements, and the intended learning outcomes.

Before you apply for support and adaptations

Before you make an application we advise you to read the information here.


How to apply for support and adaptations

Exchange students: please contact us at as soon as you have been accepted to Stockholm University.

If you have been accepted to Stockolm University and have a account and/or a Stockholm University students account you can apply for special pedagogical support by making a digital application online, via the sytem Nais. 

Log into Nais via the link below and fill in the web form. To complete the application, you must attach a document verifying that you have a long-term disability. All documentation is kept confidential. 

Link to the application system in NAIS

What is Nais?

Nais is a system where students with long-term disabilities are able to apply for special pedagogical support at Swedish higher education insitutions.

Nais is a national system, used by most higher education institutions in Sweden. Please note that your information is only accessible to the coordinators for special pedagogical support, at the higher education institution to which you applied. 

In case of any questions, you are welcome to send us an e-mail:

What happens after the application has been submitted?

Once the application has been received, a coordinator will contact you to arrange a personal meeting. After speaking to the coordinator, you will receive a certificate describing your types of support. You should then contact a study counsellor at your department and show your certificate. Read more in the following PDF document: 

Contact person at the department (371 Kb)

Your responsibilities as a student

If you have applied for and been granted special pedagogical support during your studies at Stockholm University, it is important that you understand what is required of you, so that your studies go as smoothly as possible. 

The idea behind special pedagogical support is that students with disabilities should be able to pursue their studies on the same conditions as other students.

To a certain extent, the support should compensate for the difficulties the disability presents. However, you are always responsible for your own learning.

You should be able to acquire the required knowledge and skills and to present this. Your knowledge of the subject is assessed based on the same requirements as for all students.

The course goals must be achieved in order for you to pass your examination.

The coordinator for special pedagogical support can provide recommendations, such as alternative forms of assessment, but it is always the teacher responsible for the course, or the examiner, who decides which form of assessment is to be used.

In other words, you should learn and present the same knowledge as all students, but the way you do it can differ. Here is an example: one student reads a course book and takes an exam in a large classroom with other students, whereas another student listens to the book, takes the exam in a separate room and is granted additional time.

The contact person at your department is usually the study counsellor. Please contact the study counsellor as soon as possible, preferably before the course begins, to discuss your individual educational support.

The following is required of you:

  • Please contact the coordinator for special pedagogical support as soon as possible upon your arrival in Stockholm in order to discuss your individual needs and apply for special pedagogical support.
  • Well in advance of the examination – a minimum of 3 weeks – please inform the study counsellor/examiner if you need an alternative/accommodated form of examination.

When you have been granted examination support

If you have been granted special examination support it is your responsibility to contact the Department’s examination administrator no later than three weeks before the exam, in order to make sure that the necessary measures can be taken. E-mail:

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