An individual study plan is set up for every new Ph.D. student in consultation with the supervisor, no later than three months after admission. The individual study plan consists of a basic contact as well as an annual review document (see descriptions below).

The Ph.D. student is required to follow the individual study plan in essence. A Ph.D. student who significantly disregards his/her study plan can have the right to supervision and other support for Ph.D. studies withdrawn by the University Chancellor (see the Implementation regulations).


Basic contract

The basic contract serves to define the terms of the Ph.D. student’s admittance, on matters such as the required proportions of course and thesis credits, the appointed main supervisor and supervisor, the form of funding and expected time of disputation. The basic contract also includes a rough plan for the entire study period.

The contract is signed by the Ph.D. student, the main supervisor, the supervisor and the Chair of the Department Board/equivalent. If the Ph.D. student changes supervisors during the course of studies the basic contract has to be renewed.


Annual review

Attached with the basic contract is an “Annual review” document which, in contrast to the basic contract, has to be updated yearly. The annual review contains a plan for the coming year and – after the first year of studies – information about completed credits, a specification of completed courses as well as a follow up on whether the studies are proceeding according to the plan set up in the basic contract, or not.

The annual review is done by the Ph.D. student and the supervisors, normally during the autumn semester. The annual review is signed by the Ph.D. student, the main supervisor and the Chair of the Department Board/equivalent.