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What is political science?

What is politics? Is man, as Aristotle argued, a political animal? What should the state do? And what happens if the state is about to crumble away? In what way does Sweden act in the EU – and what does Sweden mean for the EU? Who benefits from globalisation? Who is allowed to be a citizen? How are the climate changes to be handled politically? Whose security and what values are protected by the security policy? What is terrorism?


Stockholm world’s 10th most desirable student city

The fifth edition of the QS Best Student Cities ranking lists Stockholm as the 10th most desirable city, and the 26th for most highly sought graduates in a top 100 ranking of world universities.

Studenter som pluggar i biblioteket.

Courses & Programmes

All higher education in Sweden is based on courses. The courses often treat one single subject and may last a couple of weeks or a whole year. Programmes are constituted by courses. The University decides what courses to include in a programme and in what order the courses should be taken.

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Studying with a disability

Political Science at Stockholm University - a presentation

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