Regulations for examination at Stockholm University

Examination schedule

Examination schedule spring 2020 (183 Kb)

Examination schedule autumn 2019 (23 Kb)

Examination results

Please note that results cannot be published on the home page due to the
Law on Personal Integrity. Students who have activated their student account can check their results on the web site Ladok.

Sign-up and the right to be examined

In order to take examinations a student must be enrolled at the Department (in the appropriate course).

To make sure that you do not miss any information on the examination it is of utmost importance that you have access to the web-based collaboration system Athena and that you keep yourself informed through it.

Sign-up for all written examinations is compulsory (except for take-home exams) and should be made through Ladok, for both regular and re-take examinations. A message will be distributed through Athena when the exam is open for sign-up.

In case of several venues being used for the exam, the seating will be announced through Athena a few days before the date of the exam. Those students who have not signed up for the examination on Ladok have the right to take the exam only if there are available places in the venue.

For take-home examinations no sign-up is required.

Re-take exams

In order to take a re-take exam in the same semester as your first-time enrolment in the course in question, you should sign up for the examination as described above.

If you want to take a re-take exam in a course in which you were enrolled for the first time a previous semester, you must, first of all, re-enroll in the course no later than one month prior to the examination date. Send an e-mail to the Office for Student Affairs at and ask to be re-enrolled in your course, or visit the office (see opening hours). After having been re-enrolled you must sign up for the exam through Ladok (see above) no later than one week prior to the date of the examination.

Re-scheduled exams

Please note that the examination schedule is preliminary and there may be changes during the semester. Changes are announced in Athena.

Seating for written examinations

The list for seating for written examination (i.e. not take-home exams) is distributed in Athena a few days before the date of the exam.

Previous exams

Previous exams can be dowloaded from the list in the right menu. Please note, however, that we normally do not post any previous take-home exams here.

Examination for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities who are in need of supportive adjustments should contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities or the dyslexia educationalist well before the start of the studies, to ensure that proper support can be provided. 

If you have been granted special examination support it is your responsibility to contact the Department’s examination administrator no later than three weeks before the exam, in order to make sure that the necessary measures can be taken. E-mail: It is also your responsibility to contact the co-ordinator for students with disabilities and book a room for your examination.

Examination according to a previous syllabus

A student who has arranged with her/his teacher to be examined on a course part according to a previous syllabus (i.e. with another list of readings) must report this by e-mail to, no later than two weeks prior to the date of the examination.

Correction/Reconsideration of grades

An obtained grade cannot be appealed according to the Higher Education Ordinance, but a student always has the right to get it corrected if there is an obvious mistake, or to get a reconsideration. You will find the form here: Amending grades and reviewing grades (62 Kb)