The Department of Political Science has an equality committee which consists of representatives of teachers, administrators, Ph.D. students, undergraduate students, and the Department’s equality ombudsman. The committee’s work embraces among other things the production and evaluation of the Department’s equality plan, as well as the working environment for the employees and the students.

If you want further information or have questions you are welcome to contact the Deputy Head of the Department or the Student Council (

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Stockholm University makes an annual plan for equal rights and opportunities of students and prospective students. Equal rights and opportunities is a quality issue and a question of priority that is continously followed up. The plan includes actions for equal treatment, widening participation and accessibility.

Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities 2017

If you have been harassed

If you feel you have been subjected to harassment, there are a number of points that are useful to remember.
You will find more information about this here: If you have been harassed