How to apply for credit transfer

From 31st of August, you can apply for credit transfer digitally via Ladok. Once you have logged in, click on "Credit transfer" under the tab "Apply for".

It is important that the application is complete

Only complete applications can be processed, with the correct appendices attached:

  • Excerpts from Ladok, certified copies of course certificates, study certificates or equivalent where it appears which university you studied at, time, level, scope of credits and grades.

  • Syllabus with bibliography for the course you studied at another university / department. If the course was read at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University, the syllabus and bibliography do not need to be attached.

Please note that you must specify which course is to be credited and what course it corresponds too.

Processing time

The processing time is up to two months from the time a complete application is handed in. The decision is made by the Director of Studies responsible for the education in accordance with the rules and procedures for credit transfer at Stockholm University.

If you application is rejected, the decision can be appealed. A granted credit is documented in Ladok and cannot be undone.

Possible consequences of a credit transfer

In a degree, the same course cannot be included twice, therefore the credited course is counted only once. If you study independent courses, you may therefore need to study additional courses to get the total credits required to be able to apply for a degree.

Please note that CSN does not grant study grants for credited higher education credits.

When crediting in programs that follow a specific course of study, the actual training time cannot always be shortened due to individual credits. Read more about this under "Questions and answers about credit transfer, programs and degrees".

Types of credit transfer

There are a number of different types of credits that you can be granted upon application:

  • You can credit sub-courses that you have read before and are admitted to and do not want to read the same course content again.

  • If you have not completed a course of 30 higher education credits, you have the right to apply for partial courses where you have received a final grade credited as independent courses in political science. If the application is approved, the courses can be included in a degree.

  • If you have studied courses at other higher education institutions that are not given at the Department of Political Science at SU, you have the right to apply for these courses to be credited as independent courses in political science. Such a credit, however, presupposes that the applicant can document (through a syllabus, study plan, etc.) that the course falls within the scope of political science. If the application is approved, the courses can be included in a degree whose main subject is something other than political science.

  • If you have studied courses at higher education institutions abroad, you can apply for these courses to be credited.

Credits at program level and degree

Many students contact the Department of Political Science with a request to credit entire courses of 30 higher education credits that they have studied at another university in their degree or within their program. The Department of Political Science seldom grants credit transfers for entire courses of 30 credits at program level, as the course can still be included in your program degree, provided that the course corresponds to one of the courses given within our programs. The degree title will then also be the same as if you have read all the courses at SU. You can read more about what applies here.


Credit transfer is entered in Ladok with the credit rating (TG). More information about how credit transfers are valued can be found in the course syllabus for each course.


For questions about credit transfer related to courses and programs at the Department of Political Science: 

For questions about credit for exchange studies: