Bilateral agreements and networks

Bilateral agreements and networks

Stockholm University offers different exchange opportunities outside Europe as well through university wide agreements and networks. There are different application processes depending on if you apply for one of the departments own agreements or Stockholm Universities university wide agreements and networks.


Central university-wide agreements

Stockholm University has central university-wide agreements with about fifty universities all over the world.



Nordlys is a network within Nordplus – the Nordic Council of Ministers’ framework programme for educational mobility in the Nordic countries.

Livsstil 2


North2North is an exchange programme within the University of the Arctic network, which aims to increase collaboration between a number of participating universities in the northern parts of Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Canada and the USA.


Local agreement: Study in China

The Department of Political Science has a bilateral Agreement on Academic Collaboration and Exchange with the School of Political Science, Leshan Normal University in Leshan, Sichuan Province.


Exchange coordinator:
Phone: +46-(0)8-16 30 02
Room F468

Academic exchange coordinator:
Henrik Berglund
Phone: +46-(0)8 674 71 64
Office hours: by agreement, room F738