Incoming students

Incoming students

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University!

Around 1000 students from Sweden and the rest of the world take classes at our department, within subject areas ranging from Swedish politics to gender and development. The intermarriage between research interests and teaching competence is something we are particularly proud of. We have also comprehensive and much appreciated exchange programmes with other universities in Europe and the rest of the world.

In the menu to the left, and in the documents below, you will find useful information for you as a visiting student:

Information for visiting students at the Dept. of Political Science (4144 Kb)


Fact sheet 2018/2019 (1545 Kb)


Preliminary overview of courses 2017-2018 (457 Kb)


General Study Information 2017/2018 (502 Kb)


You will also find a lot of useful information on the University's website:


Exchange coordinator:
Noelle Rossnahan
Room F460, phone: +46-(0)8 16 30 02

Academic exchange coordinator:
Merrick Tabor
Office hours: by agreement, room F756, phone: +46-(0)8 16 13 18,


Handbook for international and exchange students
Link to the exchange agreement database.
Exchange studies central agreements