Students who wish to do an internship period within the master’s programme must find a suitable trainee post by themselves. A precondition for approval of the trainee post from the department is that the post is relevant to the master’s education and that it provides an opportunity to write an internship report. An approved internship report is a precondition for having the education credits for the course “Professional Internship in Political Science” reported to Ladok. Internships should not be salaried.

Instructions for the internship report (176 Kb)

Internship information (373 Kb)

Agreement and deadlines

In order to give the department a possibility to plan the supply of master’s courses, students who wish to do an internship period must submit an internship agreement to the Department of Political Science before December 3.

Internship Agreement (45 Kb)


Agreements that are signed by the student and the employer should be submitted to the Study Councellor in original for approval and signature. Only complete agreements that are correctly filled in will be approved. Either hand in the agreement in the Study Councellor's post box on floor 7 or send it to the following address:

Statsvetenskapliga institutionen
Att: Studievägledare
Stockholms universitet
106 91 Stockholm

Mark the envelope ”Internship”.

Registration, insurance and visa

The internship agreement is the basis for registration on the course “Employment preparative internship”.

Students who will do internship abroad will be insured through Student UT upon registration. If the trainee post is located in Europe it is important to bring both a student insurance card and Försäkringskassans sjukförsäkringskort (ordered at Försäkringskassan) to the internship.

For internship in Sweden the regular student insurance is effective – as in the case of other studies in Sweden.

Please note that internship abroad may require a visa in some countries. Students who plan to do their internship in another country are responsible for checking whether a visa is required in the country in question, and to acquire a visa in cases where this is required.

Internship adverts

We are currently posting adverts on internship positions sent to us by embassies, companies and organisations. You can see the adverts (mostly in Swedish) on Athena.

See also the University website for more adverts


Course syllabi

Professional internship, 15 credits

Professional internship, 22.5 credits

Professional internship, 30 credits