This information is directed to students who are admitted or conditionally admitted to Political Science III, 30 credits. Below you find important information regarding registration and studies at the Department of Political Science. Please read all the information carefully.

Note: since you register for the course online, you will not be summoned to a roll call.

If you are conditionally admitted you will not be able to registrer online. It is therefore very important that your carefully read the information found under the heading "Conditionally admitted"

Compulsory registration for admitted applicants 

In order to keep your place on the course you must register in the following way (keep in mind that you will not be able to register before the registration has opened December 28th):

  • Use your username and password from or to:
  • Activate your student account at This can be done from December 28th. Note! If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number (“personnummer”) you can't register online, please contact before the last day of registration and read HERE for more information on how to activate your account.
  • You will now have access to the student administrative system Ladok at where you register for Political Science III.
  • The web registration is open from Monday December 28th until Sunday January 10th (23:59 CET). If you have not registered by the latter date you will lose your place on the course. We make no exceptions for anybody who has not registered on time. This counts only for those of you who fulfilled the eligibility requirements for the course at the date of application (at latest 15th of October 2020). If you are conditionally admitted, please read the text under the heading "Conditionally admitted". 
  • If you have any problems with you registration, please contact us via the last day of registration. Note! it is not possible to register before the registration has opened.

Conditionally admitted

If you, during the application period, did not fulfil the eligibility requirements for Political Science III (60 credits from Political Science I and II or the equivalent) you have been admitted with condition. This means that you can’t register online. In order to register you have to:

  1. Fulfill the necessary prerequisites by February 8th and contact us before the latter date.
  2. Email the Student Office at, include your registration number (personnummer or T-number) and what course your request concerns and we will register you (you don’t need to send any transcripts, we will be able to see if you are eligible in our system).

Note! If you are conditionally admitted, you can follow the course from the beginning of the semester but you are not allowed to attend any examining assignments until you are registered.     

After registration

From the beginning of January it is important that you visit Athena, the learning and collaboration platform used by Stockholm University, to choose your seminar group for the first course module; Methods in Political Science. Log on to Athena ( by using the same username and password as above. Click on “Courses”, then click on PSIII:1) Methods in Political Science and then on "Rescources" and make your choice.

More information

On our website you will find time schedules, lists for course literature and other information you might need.

Athena student guide (3618 Kb)

New student

Studying with a diability


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