The programme is a collaboration between Stockholm Business School, the Department of Economic History and the Department of Political Science where Stockholm Business School is the host department.

You can read more about the programme at their website.

Political science with focus on international security and organization

This course is given in the fourth semester by the Department of Political Science.

Political Science with focus on International Security and Organization provides a broad introduction to the subject. The course stimulates individual analysis and a problematizing approach to political phenomena. The course provides knowledge of central political problems and concepts, as well as ideas, institutions, and processes in the course modules Political Theory, International Organizations, Comparative Politics and International Security. This knowledge is framed scientifically and discussed from different theoretical perspectives. The course provides an overview of current scientific issues within the fields of the course modules and introduces tools for students to use for independent interpretation, inquiry, and evaluation of scientific results.

Syllabus Political science with focus on international security and organization (246 Kb)

Literature list IBP, spring 2021 (125 Kb)

Athena student guide (3618 Kb)

Schedule spring 2021