The structure of the levels

Each level comprises 30 credits, which corresponds to one semester of full-time studies. If you choose political science as the main subject in a Degree of Bachelor, you normally take 90 credits of political science and then add other subjects up to 180 credits.

Courses at first level

Political Science I

Political Science II

Political Science III


Bachelor's programmes

Bachelor´s programme in International Business and Politics

The Bachelor's programme in International Business and Politics combines business studies with Political Science and International Relations to provide a thorough understanding of the global world today. As a student, you will acquire skills useful for a broad range of careers in the areas of international business, public sector organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

Bringing together numerous disciplines, this programme provides a broad and comprehensive education, leading up to a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Studying real-world examples will help you understand the complex relation between global business and politics. The programme is a collaboration between Stockholm Business School, the Department of Economic History and the Department of Political Science. During the first year, all courses are offered by SBS. The second year is divided between the Departments of Economic History and Political Science. In the final year, you can either go abroad through one of our many exchange agreements or choose courses offered at Stockholm University. In the final semester, you will write a bachelor’s thesis in Business Administration. 

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