Labour market and employment opportunities

Many areas in society, both in the public and private spheres, are affected by political structures and mechanisms. An education in political science gives you good knowledge of the way in which society is structured and functioning.

The main working areas for political scientists are employments as analysts, investigators, administrators, public relations officers, etc. An increasing need of analyses of the surrounding world has made the demand for political scientists in the private sector grow bigger and bigger.

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Survey shows that political science graduates get employed

In the spring of 2016, the Department conducted a survey among previous students in order to find out how well they have succeeded in the labor market. The investigation shows that no less than 77 percent of the students were employed 0-4 months after they got their degree in Political Science.

The investigation shows that the most common areas for employment for the students are the following:

  • Public administration, state level (44 percent)
  • Public administration, local and regional level (14 percent)
  • Private companies (14 percent)
  • NGO's (5 percent)
  • Universities and university colleges (5 percent)
  • Political party/party organisation (4 percent)
  • Think tanks (4 percent)
  • International organisations (EU, UN, etc.) (3 percent)
  • Media (2 percent).

The survey also shows that the internship is considered to be very qualifying and significant for the employment.

Read the full survey Alumni survey 2016 (808 Kb)

Questions and results Alumni survey 2016- Questions and results (963 Kb)