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The research at the Department of Political Science embraces a wide range of different areas. Learn more about the research and why research in political science is so important.

Margaret Moore

Video: Why We Need a Theory of Territory

Margaret Moore is the 2018 holder of the Olof Palme Visiting Professorship. Watch her inaugural lecture.

Students chatting on the side walk.

Student life in Sweden: Expectation vs Reality

The Local talked to two international students who explained why there’s no other city in the world where they would rather study. Their advice? Expect the unexpected.

Pictuer of Jason Brennan, political philosopher, being interviewed.

Can one argue against democracy?

Yes, says Jason Brennan, political philosopher at Georgetown University, Washington DC. and author of book Against Democracy, now published in Swedish. Here two political science students, Anton Karlström and Andreas Estmark, interview him at Stockholm University.


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