Stockholm University. Photo: Clément Morin/SU.

Eva Erman, “The Role of Civil Society Actors for the Democratization of Global Governance Institutions: A Function-Sensitive Approach”, 4 300 000 kr. 

Livia Johannesson, “Dilemmas in Courtrooms: How Judges Practice Equality before the Law at Swedish Administrative Courts”, 2 880 000 kr.   

Kåre Vernby, “Minority and Female Politicians as Role Models: Using Experiments to Study Symbolic Effects of Descriptive Representation in the United States and Sweden”, 5 200 000 kr.

Projects where researchers from the Department are members

Ulf Mörkenstam and Ragnhild Nilsson:The Sámi audiovisual collection – films and TV programs in archives and on line. Project leader is Professor Patrik Lantto, Vaartoe – Centrum för samisk forskning, Umeå University. 13 124 000 kr.