Jason Brennan, Ludvig Beckman och Jamila Chaima.
Jason Brennan, Ludvig Beckman och Jamila Chaima.

Den 28 april gästar han Statsvetenskapliga institutionen. Lyssna till honom berätta om sin nya bok och därefter följer ett samtal med Jason Brennan, Ludvig Beckman, professor i statsvetenskap och Jamila Chaima, student i statsvetenskap.

Tid: fredagen den 28 april, kl.10.00-11.30
Plats: F11, plan 3, F-huset, Stockholms universitet
Arrangörer: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen i samarbete med Statsvetenskapliga ämnesrådet och Stockholm universitets politicesstuderande.

Samtalet hålls på engelska.

Om Jason Brennan

Jason Brennan är politisk filosof och verksam vid Georgetown University i Washington DC. Tidigare har han bland annat givit ut Why Not Capitalism? (Routledge Press, 2014), Compulsory Voting: For and Against, (Cambridge University Press, 2014) och The Ethics of Voting, (Princeton University Press, 2011).


Brennan argues that democracy should be judged by its results—and the results are not good enough. Just as defendants have a right to a fair trial, citizens have a right to competent government. But democracy is the rule of the ignorant and the irrational, and it all too often falls short. Furthermore, no one has a fundamental right to any share of political power, and exercising political power does most of us little good. On the contrary, a wide range of social science research shows that political participation and democratic deliberation actually tend to make people worse—more irrational, biased, and mean. Given this grim picture, Brennan argues that a new system of government—epistocracy, the rule of the knowledgeable—may be better than democracy, and that it's time to experiment and find out.