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Recent publications by Diane Sainsbury

Författare Titel År
Diane Sainsbury
Immigrants' social rights in comparative perspective : Welfare regimes, forms of immigration, and immigration policy regimes 2016
Diane Sainsbury
Policy Constructions and Outcomes for Immigrant Women and Men : an Exploratory Probe of Swedish Child Care Policies 2016
Diane Sainsbury
Gender Regimes and Policies : A Policy Regime Approach 2016
Diane Sainsbury
Gender, care, and welfare 2013
Diane Sainsbury
Welfare States and Immigrant Rights : The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion 2012
Diane Sainsbury
Immigrant Rights, Gender and Policy Regimes 2012
Diane Sainsbury
Gender, Immigration and Immigrant Rights 2012

Kön, makt, nation : tillägnad Maud Eduards 2011
Diane Sainsbury
Könsregimer, skattepolitik och välfärdsstater : Ett komparativt perspektiv 2011
Diane Sainsbury
Women's Political Representation in Sweden : Discursive Politics and Institutional Presence 2010
Diane Sainsbury, Ann Morissens
"Sweden: The Feminization of Poverty?" 2009
Diane Sainsbury, Christina Bergqvist
The Promise and Pitfalls of Gender Mainstreaming : The Swedish Case 2009
Diane Sainsbury
Gender and Migration Regimes in European Welfare States in Comparative Perspective 2009
Diane Sainsbury, Christina Bergqvist
Gender Mainstreaming à la suédoise 2008
Diane Sainsbury
Gendering the welfare state 2008
Diane Sainsbury
Welfare States, Immigration and Citizenship : Notes on a Framework for Analyzing Immigrants' Social Rights 2008
Diane Sainsbury
Review of Kimberly J. Morgan, Working Mothers and the Welfare State : Religion and the Politics of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe and the United States 2007
Christina Bergqvist, Tanja Olsson Blandy, Diane Sainsbury
Swedish State Feminism : Continuity and Change 2007
Diane Sainsbury
The Swift Rise and Fall of Immigrants' Social Rights in the United States 2007

State feminism and political representation. 2009

Gender and welfare state regimes. 2009
Diane Sainsbury
Gender, equality, and welfare states 2009

Gendering welfare states 2009

State, and Justice : Critical Perspectives and New Interpretations 2009
Diane Sainsbury
Swedish social democratic ideology and electoral politics 1944-1948 : a study of the functions of party ideology 2009
Diane Sainsbury
Swedish Democratic Ideology and Electoral Politics 1944-1948 2009

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